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Who are the Real Super Bowl Champions of 2015?



As far as this physical game is concern, the answer is quite oblivious.  However, around many water coolers, coffee shops and dinners there will be many Monday Morning quarterbacks and the debate will go on and on as to how each team could have done things differently and the outcome would be in their favor.  It is good for the lovers of this and any other sport to have this debate and enjoy each moment of the argument.

But the Super bowl Champion I am concern about on this day is the one that lives within you.  How are you managing your own team, calling and running your own plays, moving the ball down the field and positioning your team on the field to score the winning touchdown?

God raised you up to be a Super Bowl Champion; he fully equipped you and prepared you for the Super Bowl game of your life.  He left nothing to chance, he created you in his own image, the image of a natural born champion, he put you in charge of the world’s greatest team ever to take the field, and that is yourself.  You are designed, equipped, purposed and destiny for this moment, to play in the Super Bowl game that no one else but you have the opportunity to win or lose.  What an awesome responsibility that God gave to one individual and that individual is you.

Therefore on this Monday Morning, I am encouraging all believers instead of gathering around the water coolers and in coffee houses and debating yesterday’s outcome of someone else’s Super Bowl Game, instead, engage with God the merits of your own Super Bowl Game that He has prepared you for, on how you can better manage your own team, run better plays that are going to help you better manage your own affairs of this life, prepare you to overcome the many trials and tribulations that the old devil are going to run against you.  Yes the devil plays to win and he is good at what he does, but God has prepared you to be the REAL SUPERBOWL CHAMPION OF 2015, now please understand this and begin to play the game like you are the Real Super Bowl Champion.

Remember, you are truly a natural born champion, and you may have been losing many games up until this point, but there comes a time when you can begin making the right decisions, calling the right plays that will turn things around for you and your team, and that moment is right now.  For it is truly the first day of the rest of your Natural Born life.

Now think on the goodness of God and His mercies.  He knows the plans He has for you, “He says that His plans are to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future and never to harm you” (Jeremiah 29:11), and all you need to do is to learn to listen and obey His will for your life.

Now take your position of the field and, “Be the real Super Bowl Champion you were created to Be!





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  1. Jesus won the game of life for us and we get to just celebrate with him for eternity from glory to Glory! Yay Jesus! Yay Elohim! What a team!!!! Brides of Christ always wear white uniforms made of God’s Presence! We are on the winning team! Wooo Hoo!


      Yes, yes, glory, glory. Thank you my friend for sharing in the joy of our victory in Jesus. When we keep the faith, we can live in Hope and He will always give us the victory. May you always receive His peace and enjoy the blessing He sets before you each and every day.

  2. Well stated! Thanks for reminding us!!

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