Your body is a perfect healing machine.  It has the ability to heal itself within an instance. It was given

Healing garden - herb garden section (physical...

Healing garden - herb garden section (physical healing). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

powers by God before we entered our Mother’s womb to control and regulate our physical bodies in times of stress and needs.  All you have to do is believe you are healed and your body goes to work doing what it was created to do.  [That is called the power of thought]. Why?  Simply because you are a perfect creation.  Made in the image of God himself.  Everything that God made was good and perfect in every way.  How do we know this, simple, because God said so. After each step in the creation process, God paused and said it was good.  Therefore, we are equipped with all the necessary tools to keep our bodies healthy and survive the stress that is put upon it, and if for some reason are other we become unhealthy, we were given the necessary tools to bring healing to our physical body.  Our brain is an amazing tool, back up with the power of the mind which provides us with a direct link to God.  Let us begin this study by watching this first video on how our BODIES ARE A PERFECT CREATED MACHINE.  This video is broken up in 5 parts, and each part builds on the last part. I encourage you to take the time and watch the entire video, it provides you with a truly amazing prospective of this great piece of equipment God has given to each of us.

Right here you might want to pause for a moment before returning to the rest of the story, only because it is just as amazing as the first part you have just witnessed.  This part offers you a very simple process that allows you to take charge of your on healing.

Now think for a moment when you were much younger, and had not had the opportunity to develop negative thinking about the cut on your hand, feet are some other part of your body.  When the cut occurred you would squeeze it together, put some cold water on it and the bleeding would soon stop, and shortly thereafter the cut would heal and you thought nothing else about it.  No fear of pain are lasting injury had entered into your thought process.  Your thoughts were all positive that you were healed and you moved on.  What happen to that thought process and your ability to heal yourself?  You grew older, doubt set in and you became fearful of what was or were not happening to your body.

Now before you continue reading, click on this video and allow your mind to be absorbed in deep thought of just how the healing process of that cut really took place.  Meditate on this and then continue this deep study of this very simple lesson.

There is a well known case of a “Sacred Bone” from the middle ages which had the wonderful power to heal diseases. This bone was brought from the Holy Land by two soldiers of the crusades, and was supposed to be a part of the remains of a saint in the New Testament. It was only many years later when one of the soldiers confessed the truth on his deathbed that the real relic had been lost because they were drunk. Fearing to return home without it, they substituted the bone of a sheep.

Much to their surprise, the sheep bone operated just as well in its power to heal people. Therefore they agreed to keep silent about the matter. It was the faith and belief of the people about the healing power of the object that acted as a powerful form of suggestion to bring healing to their bodies through the power of their subconscious mind. But after the disclosure of the true nature of the relic, the cures ceased at once, and many of those who had been healed became sick again.

That is why Christ said it is your faith that makes you whole. He also said to the woman he had cured to go in peace which actually means to go into Shalom. A person once cured has to remain in a state of wholeness, peace and serenity of consciousness.  In other words, your thought process must remain positive.   Otherwise the disease would return or another one would occur. Health is a state of being and all disease is created by instability of consciousness and emotional turmoil from within the mind.  That is why it is called dis-ease, a lack of ease within that manifest without.

My Mother had a stroke last year, and for more than three months she could not walk.  One Sunday afternoon, two days after the Doctors had sent her home from the hospital; my sister and I sit with her in prayer for about an hour.  After which my sister commanded her to get up in the name of Jesus and walk.  My Mother stood up and walked that day and she has been walking every since.  My Mother is eight years old.  She is a woman of great faith and I know she was healed by her faith.

A few months ago I was visiting a nursing home where I had been ministering to the people and trying to instill in them that just because they were there didn’t mean that they could not still live and enjoy life.  They must continue to believe in miracles, and if they believed their condition could be changed.  Then I begin to lay hands on them and pray for them, as I was praying an elder lady that was in a wheel chair behind me stood up and begin to walk towards me.  Another Minister that was with me at the time started to assist her and she just brushed him away.  She insisted on walking to the table where I was praying with others.  Let me remind you that we were told that this lady had been there for about a year and in that time she had never walked.  They had to take her out of the bed put her in the wheel chair and do for her just like a like baby.  However, on this day this lady’s life and the life of the nursing home staff and many of the people that were their lives were changed forever because of her faith.

Now you too can be healed and your entire life can change if you would only change your thought process.  The power to heal lies within you.  Try it, and see what can happen.  Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within.  This next video is truly amazing, and if you think deeply upon it’s contents, it will sum up everything we have been teaching in this lesson. Now click on it and let us know what you think.

Know that God has provided you with all power to change your life.  Now what are you going to do?  You can start by believing.  I encourage you to think globally and work locally, because today I minister to you on healing from a position of peace, power, purpose and prosperity.  I remain your brother in Christ, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher.

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