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There was a betrayer at the Dinner Table

THERE WAS A BETRAYER AT THE DINNER TABLE  (MARK 14:17-20 AMP) My brothers and sisters, this week allows us to go deep within ourselves and reflect upon that awesome moment in history that Jesus took upon His shoulders the agony of being beaten, humiliated in every way possible, suffering while being nailed and hanged upon a cross for all of ...

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Relationship Strategies (Breaking out of the prison of Loneliness)

IS LONELINESS KEEPING YOU IN A PRISON OF DARKNESS? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FEEL AS IF YOU ARE ALL ALONE? WRITTEN BY SHIRLEY RHODES Let us begin this day by understanding that we are never alone when we learn to lean and depend on Jesus.  Now think deeply on this, when you are feeling loneliness in your life, because learning to lean ...

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