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Relationship Strategies (Attracting Love)

Attracting love into your life

Love 28

Everyone desires to experience love with others. It is the greatest joy to feel love. We all know how to give love, but the problem is when we don’t know how to receive it. Not being able to receive love is a major cause for many of the frustrations we face in relating with others. It is the same thing for anything that we give but seem to have problems receiving it in return. If we are able to receive love as much as we are able to give it, we will complete the cycle of experiencing love with others for full happiness.

Let go of the past, embrace the future, trust what is in front of you now, time is fading away, God has given you this moment to receive love into your life.  It is a gift, learn how to except it and enjoy what God is giving to you right now.

love 15

For too long we have been conditioned with the wrong beliefs that prevent us from receiving love. We think that it is pride to think highly of ourselves and expect others to think highly of us. That is why we do not openly receive compliments, adoration and all the gestures and expressions of love by others towards us. We turn away, try to hide from it and respond in all kinds of ways just not to appear as being proud, not knowing that we are actually rejecting the very love that is being given to us, than accepting it 10

Beware of how you respond to others when they are showing love to you. Do you get uncomfortable when others are looking at you and sending thoughts to make them stop looking at you?  When someone tries to be extra nice to you, are you unable to accept it because it feels weird? When someone shows you adoration and praise, do you shy away and in any way try to diminish their expression? How you respond is exactly how you treat the love that people are giving to you whether you know it or not.
Remember, the art of a lover is to make the love experience last as long as possible.  God is truly the greatest lover of them all, He shows us love in so many wonderful ways, but do we open our arms and our hearts and fully embrace the love He shows to us.  If we do not except the gift of love from God, then how can we ever expect to  receive love  that others are offering to us? Thank deeply on these thoughts.


Monday’s Word of Encouragement (Mind your Manners)


Exclusive Restaurant

Have you ever been invited out to dinner, entered into a very classy restaurant, escorted to your table and handed several menus; as you sit down and looked at them from the wine list to the desert menu, the price of it all caught your eye and you begin to wonder, should you really be here with this individual?

Now let us look at just how the scriptures teach us to deal with the situation!

It says, “when you go out to dinner with an influential person, mind your manners: Don’t gobble your food, don’t talk with your mouth full. And don’t stuff yourself; bridle your appetite.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich; restrain yourself! Riches disappear in the blink of an eye;
wealth sprouts wings and flies off into the wild blue yonder.

Don’t accept a meal from a tightwad; don’t expect anything special. He’ll be as stingy with you as he is with himself; he’ll say, “Eat! Drink!” but won’t mean a word of it. His miserly serving will turn your stomach when you realize the meal’s a sham. (Proverb 23:1-8 MSG)

BE ENCOURAGED by the Word of God, because it will never fail you…

Sunday Worship Service 136 (Believe in the Vision)

CHURCH WELCOME MESSAGE 01Good Morning, and thank you for entering into the Lord’s House to Worship Him this day. You are a blessed soul today, and you have entered into His presence to sing praise unto Him and Worship Him in His Sanctuary. So let us begin our worship service by lifting up Holy Hands and praising Him with our song of praise for this Sunday Morning…


Eternal God, in the name of Jesus we thank you for allowing your faithful ones to enter into your presence to lift you up in praise and worship today.  We ask you to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing over the least among us, and strengthen all of us that we a over come the evil spirits that have surrounded us and attempting to still our joy.  For we know that you are God all by yourself and you can do all things but fail.  So father forgive us of our sins, cleanse us of all our unworthy deeps, and make our hearts as white as snow, that we may walk upright in the path of righteousness all the days of our earthy lives, in Jesus name, Amen!


Today my Brothers and Sisters, God has given you a purpose, a Mission and a Vision.  In order to complete the Mission you have to be able to see the Vision, and in order to see the Vision you have to center your mind in God’s mind and let the Holy Spirit guide you to that place that God desires you to be.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE What must I do to be saved? This question was first asked by a jailer at Ephesus, who witnessed an earthquake that freed Paul and Silas. Paul and Silas were the Church’s first official evangelists, who had been falsely arrested and beaten and left in his charge. The earthquake came as the climax to a midnight prison cell prayer and praise meeting and it spurred the jailer to consider the condition of his soul.

What must I do to be saved, you asked?  If you truly want to be saved, listen to what the Lord says you must do, “you should first go to God in prayer.  When praying to Him you should tell Him you are sorry for the sinful things that you have done against Him and how you want to do the right thing from now on (1 John 1:9Acts 20:21).

Next you should ask Him to forgive your sins through His death payment on the cross (Colossians 2:10-14). Last, make a commitment to God that you will wholly follow His commandments and believe on Him and His Word, with the help of His Holy Spirit (John 14:15).

Congratulations, you are SAVED (John 8:32)! You have become a new person, and you will be able to live a life that is pleasing to God (2 Corinthians 5:14-17 ). Now, God will come into your heart and live with you (Revelation 3:20). This is so you can be close to Him, receive His power, and understand His Word (1 John 3:16Acts1:8John14:26).


Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and topresent you blameless before the presence of His glory with great joy, to the only God, our savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Be glory majesty,, Dominion, and authority, before all the time and now and forever, amen.


Saturday Morning Devotional Prayer Praise Service (Heart for Prayer)


Prayer is the most essential thing that you can do daily. Because it is the only way to reach the mind of God.  God waits patiently for His Children to call Him, discuss with Him their trials and tribulation of this world in order that He may show them the world to come when they learn to lean and depend upon Him, trust Him, wait upon Him and have a praying heart.  The choice is yours, what are you going to do, be filled with joy, pray and seek God, are do nothing and let the devil enter into your minds and still your joy?


Thank you for joining with us in prayer this morning. Now let us continue by lifting up Holy Hands and praising Him. Do this now by clicking on the next video…

We can not close out this short prayer and praise service without extending an invitation for those who have not excepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior the opportunity to join with the family of believer.  So please click on this next video and except the Lord’s invitation to enter into His Kingdom of eternal life…

We live in the hope that this prayer and praise service has been a blessing to your soul; we will be back in a few hours for our to continue with our Sunday Worship Service, please come back and join in with all God’s believers from around the world for another Sunday Blessing to begin your brand new week.





Now is the time for you to “BREAK THE CHAINS OF REMORSE AND REGRET,” that is keeping you locked in a prison that always seems impossible to escape, because your mind is filled with hate. How do you ever expect to enter into the Kingdom of God when you have so much hate in your heart for your fellowman? The word of God says, if anyone boasts, “I love God,” and goes right on hating his brother or sister, thinking nothing of it, he is a liar. If he won’t love the person he can see, how can he love the God he can’t see? The command we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people. You’ve got to love both.  (1 John 4:20-21 MSG) Forgiveness frees your mind from the burdens of the past so you may walk victoriously into the future. Forgiveness should become a habit.  When Peter asked Jesus, how often should we forgive others, he answered;  “Until seventy times seven.”  He who forgives to infinity will never hate. Forgiveness should start now.  Putting off forgiving only deepens the wound.  Clinging to bitterness postpones happiness.  Life is short, time is fleeting.  Today is the day to forgive.  Take this moment and search your heart for the list of those persons who you know you should be forgiven and take the first step and make it happen. When you do this you will, “BREAK THE CHAINS OF REMORSE AND REGRET!”

Thursday Scriptures of Encouragement (Don’t take it personal)




by Shirley Rhodes

Life is a journey in which many obstacles or illusions are part of the process, don’t take it personal.

Don’t take it personal when you’re questioned about your faith, because Jesus endured the same but was always ready to respond in a way to get his message across to non-believers.

Don’t take it personal when others ridicule you because it says a lot about their own character, words are mere words.

Don’t take it personal when the very people you thought were your friends turn their backs on you and walk away, Jesus endured the same. For everything there is a reason, it’s how you evaluate and respond that really matters.

Don’t take it personal when you are confronted with hostility, hate and bigotry, remember what Jesus endured  prior to being wrongly sentenced and nailed to the cross. The men, who held Jesus mocked him, beat him and blindfolded him; they struck him on the face saying “Prophesy! Who is the one who struck you?” Many other things they blasphemously spoke against him (Luke 22: 63-63). He said to them, “If I tell you (I am the Christ), you will by no means believe me…you rightly say that I am” (Luke 22:67-70).

Each day brings new beginnings and that means opportunity for choice, so, choose wisely. As you journey through life, friend and foe can be what helps you to grow and be productive in what you have to accomplish. It has been said that people come into your life for a reason, some may choose to stay and some may choose to move on. What-ever happens; ask your-self, how has this experience helped to make me a better person. Each individual is on his or her own journey and in that journey allow it to be a time of learning and growth in a positive direction.

The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips (Proverbs 16:23).

Aging Gracefully Happy Birthday Pastor Davis

Davis 70

Yes my friends and family, today is truly my 70th birthday, and I am truly blessed to have reached this milestone in my life to have good health and strength of my body and mind to carry on the work of the Lord in the manner He would have me to do.  My spirit is humbled to be in a position to celebrate this important day in my life with each one of you.  It was only through the grace and mercies of God that He placed me here with each of you for such a day and time as this.  I give Him the honor, the praise and the glory for bringing us together to share in the celebration of His humble servant this day. Thank you for your prayers, your love and support of this ministry, and the Lord’s Servant.  I appreciate all that you do day in and day out working to make this ministry the best it can be as we work together to reach the world and take it one lost soul at a time.  God Kingdom Building process here at the VABWM could not have continued without each one of you coming here daily, reading, studying and sharing the word with all of those the Lord has placed in your pathway.

Now let me encourage each one of you to take a few minutes of your valuable time and watch this entire video I have prepared just for you on Aging Gracefully, it is my own story and testimony from God.

Thank you again for watching this video clip and sharing my Birthday Celebration with me in Jesus name, Amen…


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