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Relationship Strategies (Overcoming Despair)

TRUE LOVE (Photo by Pastor Davis)

 SHATTERED BUT NOT BEYOND REPAIR WRITTEN BY SHIRLEY RHODES    How often do you find your-self moving from place to place, person to person looking for love; love that always seem to be just beyond your reach?  Sometimes we allow our hearts and spirit to become “play toys” in the hands of those who take pleasure in wounding and maiming ...

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Forgiveness Friday (The lesson I learned from my Mother)


MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME THE LESSON OF FORGIVENESS MY MOTHER was truly an inspiration to my soul.  Whenever I felt someone had hurt me, she would simply say, “Son, don’t hold a grudge against them, you must find in your heart the words to forgive them.”  I would say, “but Mom, it hurts, how can I forgive them, they hurt ...

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