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The people chooses a murder over the Messiah


THE PEOPLE CHOOSES A MURDER OVER THE MESSIAH Today as we  think on all the good things Jesus has done for each one of us, and if you were one of those people in the crowd more than 2000 years ago would you make the same choice as they did.  How can you be certain that you would or would not?  ...

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Jesus death was a glorious victory at the cross

Jesus Proclaims the Kingdom of God

HOW JESUS TURNED HIS DEFEAT AT THE CROSS INTO THE MOST GLORIOUS VICTORY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN (Luke 23:26-35 MSG) Greetings to all My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as we enter into the final week before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, (which we call Easter), allow me to paint the picture of Jesus’ crucifixion in words and pictures for you. The ...

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