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Listening requires discipline and patience


Zipper Mouth

Learning to listen to others requires much discipline, and discipline requires patience.  We have gotten so use to babbling that we forgot how to listen and understand what others are saying.  Now if you understood anything about those first two sentences, and are ready to listen to the words that are being spoken to you today, you might be able to walk in the newest of life and find much more joy, peace, contentment and happiness in your relationships.

Our mouth and that little thing called our tongue gets us into a world of trouble at times.  If we would put a zipper on our mouth and be swift to listen and slow to speak, we can transform our lives in ways unimaginable at other times.  For believers, this is a lesson you must practice daily.  For non-believers, you must seek the Lord for guidance and salvation in order to begin the process, because God‘s perfect law must be put into practice in our speech.  Why? Because God’s law is truth, and the law sets people free.  It is only in obeying God that true freedom can be found.  As Christian’s, we are saved by God’s grace, and salvation frees us from sin‘s control, speaking and not listen.  As believers we are free to live as God created us to live.  Of course, this does not mean that we are free to do as we please.

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Now let us clearly understand this one truth, and that is, we must be swift to listen and slow to speak.  The expression be quick to listen is a beautiful way of capturing the idea of active listening as it is taught in (James 1:19).  James explains to us that we are not simply to refrain from speaking; we are to be ready and willing to listen.  This “quick” listening is obviously to be done with discernment.  We are to check what we hear with God’s word.  If we don’t listen both carefully and quickly, we are liable to be led into all kinds of false teaching and error.

Quick to listen and slow to speak should be taken together as sides of the same coin.  Slowness in speaking means speaking with humility and patience, not with hasty words or nonstop babbling.  Constraint talking keeps a person from being able to hear.  Wisdom is not always having something to say, it involves listening carefully, considering prayerfully, and speaking quietly.  When we talk too much and listen too little, we communicate to others that we think our ideas are much more important than theirs.  James wisely advises us to reverse this process.  We need to put a mental stopwatch on our conversations and keep track of how much we talk and how much we listen.  When people talk to us, do they feel that their viewpoints and ideas have value?

Putting a zipper on one’s mouth and learning to listen requires the same set of skills as an athlete.  In order for an athlete to achieve greatest he must persevere in training in order to improve their abilities and endurance for competition, so do we, in order to persevere in spiritual training our senses need to be swift to listen and slow to speak, as we patiently endure testing that will bring maturity and completeness.

We must come to a point in our lives where we know that God’s long term goal for us is maturity and completeness, but his eternal goal for us is the crown of life, a rich expression of hope.  We can only arrive at this point when we learn to be obedient to the word of God.  Know the truth and the truth will set you free.  Be swift to listen and slow to speak.  PUT A ZIPPER ON YOUR MOUTH AND LEARN TO LISTEN!

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Monday’s word of Encouragement (Be lifted up on the Wings of Aspiration)


CHILDREN OF GOD know in your hearts, that this day is the very first day of the rest of your life. Yesterday



is gone and tomorrow is not promised, Therefore, I encourage you, to take flight this day and the ball and chain that have been keeping you from receiving your blessings, remove them and lift off on the wings of Aspiration.  For this day, this moment is the only time that matters.  God is calling you, now listen for His voice and do not allow SATAN’S voice to drown out your blessings.  God is still in control. Let your mind take flight today and begin to see the beauty of all that God has to offer.  God is waiting for you right now, to begin your flight, “and fly high on the wings of Aspiration!”

When your mind becomes Calm and you find Peace within yourself, you will begin to discover by taking flight on the wings of aspiration, you can rises from



earth to heaven, from ignorance to knowledge, from the under darkness to the upper light.

Without it, you will simply remain a groveling animal, earthly, sensual, unenlightened, and uninspired. Aspiration is the longing for heavenly things, for righteousness, compassion, purity, love, as distinguished from desire, which is the longing for earthly things, for selfish possessions, personal dominance, low pleasures, and sensual gratifications.

For one to aspire, means that he or she is dissatisfied with their low estate, and is aiming at a higher condition.  It is a sure sign that you will be roused out of your lethargic sleep of animalist, and you have become conscious of nobler attainments and a fuller life. You are now flying high on the wings of aspiration.  Now think deeply on this, and begin to enjoy the very first day of your brand new life.  God gave it to you, now take advantage of your brand new wings and fulfill your dreams.

Truly, you are the master of your destination, where it leads you is the exact place that has been running around in your thoughts.  Your Mind is the Master over all things.  Keep it Calm, Keep it Clear, and learn to live each day as a brand new day in Peace, no matter what the situation around you may be, lift up your eyes towards the Heavenly things and be lifted up on THE WINGS OF ASPIRATION.  The choice is yours, what are you going to do?

I have ministered this message to you this day from a Spirit filled Mind that God has spoken His Thoughts of Wisdom and Knowledge into, and said, “My Servant, be obedient to the truth of My Word and share it with both the Believers as well as Non Believers.  My Word is like a two edge sword, it cuts both to the right as well as to the left.”  May God’s grace and mercy be yours to enjoy this day.

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Thank you for studying with us today and may the first day of the rest of your life be a rewarding one for yourself and all those that God bring you in contact with in Jesus name, Amen!

Sunday Prayer Praise and Worship Service 123 (Valley of Death)


The gospel of Jesus Christ is the heart of the cross

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the heart of the cross

My Dear Brothers and Sisters let us this day set our minds on the things of Heaven aswe lift up the Lord in our prayers, praise and worship this day, thank Him for shinning His marvelous light into the dark places in this world and in our hearts and reminding us that we can overcome the trials and tribulations that we are facing here in this world, if we would only learn to trust Him, lean and depend on Him and never waiver in our faith that He is a God who can do all things but fail.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I seek your blessings for PEACE and CALMNESS over this Nation its cities and citizens who are experiencing trials and tribulations because of the many problems that have beset their lives in these past few weeks.  Father we know that you are Lord over all and all things are under your control.  Father touch the people with your divine powers and let them know that everything is going to be alright. We know evil is all around us, threatening to destroy us, but we are leaning and depending on your promises father, and we will remain steadfast in your word, with our minds calm, our eyes focus on the prize, and always minding your own business. This we will do in the name of Jesus. AMEN!


TODAY’S MESSAGE IS FROM PSALMS 23:4 The valley of death.  Just click on the next video to begin receiving your blessing for this day. We lift up the Lord in high praises, thanking Him for the glorious opportunity to bless Him in the presence of all His children that He has called to come forth and partake of His Holy Word this day, in Jesus name, Amen!


prayer alter 02

If you are a person studying this lesson with us today and have not received the saving grace of the Lord and would like to join the Lord’s family of BELIEVERS and receive ETERNAL LIFE, we simply ask you to,“BELIEVE!”


What must I do to be saved? This question was first asked by a jailer at Ephesus, who witnessed an earthquake that freed Paul and Silas. Paul and Silas were the Church’s first official evangelists, who had been falsely arrested and beaten and left in his charge. The earthquake came as the climax to a midnight prison cell prayer and praise meeting and it spurred the jailer to consider the condition of his soul.  What must I do to be saved, you asked?  If you truly want to be saved, listen to what the Lord says you must do, “you should first go to God in prayer.  When praying to Him you should tell Him you are sorry for the sinful things that you have done against Him and how you want to do the right thing from now on (1 John 1:9Acts 20:21). Next you should ask Him to forgive your sins through His death payment on the cross (Colossians 2:10-14). Last, make a commitment to God that you will wholly follow His commandments and believe on Him and His Word, with the help of His Holy Spirit (John 14:15).  Congratulations, you are SAVED (John 8:32)! You have become a new person, and you will be able to live a life that is pleasing to God (2 Corinthians 5:14-17 ). Now, God will come into your heart and live with you (Revelation 3:20). This is so you can be close to Him, receive His power, and understand His Word (1 John 3:16Acts1:8John14:26).

We encourage you to find a local Bible Teaching Church and begin to study and fellowship with other believers. You can also return back here daily and study God’s word with us. We share the truth of the scriptures daily, and you will find over 1000 topics for study and discussions. May the saving grace of our Lord and Savior be with you now and forever, in Jesus name, AMEN!

Thank you for being a total part of the Lord’s blessings that He has now bestowed upon each of you, now receive it and share it with others so that they too will received the Lord’s blessings in Jesus name, Amen!

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Wednesday Inspirational and Motivational Service (Stir up your Gift)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, today’s lesson is a very powerful journey that the Apostle Paul first begin teaching his son Timothy that we also may learn from it and teach other about the value of the gift that God gave us from the beginning of time.  If we ever truly learn how to use this very valuable tool that we were given, we can change the world we reside in.  Now click on the video below and listen to the rest of the story…



We pray that this lesson has been a blessing to your soul, and if it has please share it with others so that they to will have the opportunity to experience the Lord’s blessings in their lives.

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Satan is taking control of America’s Neighborhoods




Have you ever stopped to observe what was around you?  For most of us we are so busy trying to earn a living to support our families and life style, it makes it very hard for us to see the forest because we are always looking straight ahead into the trees.  Nevertheless, if we ever took the time to observe what was around us, we would then realize that the battlefield is wherever we are.  It does not matter if we are at our homes, school, job, library, concert hall or church, the battlefield will always be where we are.  Satan is and will always be an enemy of God.  His job is to recruit, recruit and recruit, and believe me; he does his job very well.  Satan does not discriminate on the basics of race, creed, color or national origin.  He is out to destroy God’s kingdom, and that means anyone who is a believer of God is a target of Satan.

Therefore, when we understand our purpose and mission in life, we then know that the enemy we are fighting is a very smart, cunning and truly an elusive devil.  His territory is very large and continues to expand every day.  So finding the battlefield for us should not be very hard as long as we are committed to staying the course and following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The battlefield for us will always be close by.  Our neighborhoods are filled with gangs, drugs, prostitution and all sorts of petty crimes.  In some major cities, people are prisons in their own homes.  They have still bars on their windows and doors.  Their homes are like a fort.  In order for them to enter in or come out, they have to struggle to unlock the bars they are locked behind.  Some people have even died in their homes from fires because they could not get out from behind the steel bars they had locked themselves behind.

Our schools from all over the country, which are located in almost every neighborhood in America, has become one of the most potent battlefields in America today.  Each day more than 250,000 kids carry some type of weapon into our schools to either defend themselves or threaten someone else with them in order to show how big and bad they themselves really are.  Kids are shooting and killing other kids because the evil that the old devil has been able to penetrate into our perimeter around the battlefield we have established for ourselves.  When we stop and consider for a moment that our children are our futures, we cannot but to conclude that the enemy has brought the fight to us.

This to me is unacceptable in the 21st century. We must not continue to allow evil to dedicate our destiny.  We have a King that roars like a might lion who is our protector.  He does not know or accept defeat.  We must believe that we as a chosen disciple of the one living God has been given the power to change the course of our destiny by changing the way we view the people that are committing the evil crimes within our communities.  We should never forget that evil survives because we choose to let it rule over us.  We must resist it on every hand, using the power that God gives us, and believe me, we do have the power to stand up and take the fight to the enemy.  God has given us that power if we choose to use it.  All we have to do is call on him.  He said that he would never leave us or forsake us.  He will always be right there with us even until the end of time.

Standing up to the enemy may not be the way you would view your mission in this world, but if you don’t, who will?  Sometimes we have to just say no to the enemy, and do what is unpopular at the time even if our life depends on it.  This world is not our home; we are just passing through on our way to our eternal home.  We must be prepared to face the enemy with all our strength and might.  Then and only then will the enemy have a sense of who we are.

The enemy will always feel that he is the biggest and baldest bully in town as long as we allow him to back us down.  There comes a time in our lives when we must say no backing away or running away from a situation that I can no longer tolerate.  This enemy is threaten my family, my community, my way of life, and if I don’t do something about it right now, I will no longer have a family or community to live in, because he is taken it all away.  It is up to me to end this right here and now.  It is time to take the battle to the enemy, no more turning my back and saying it’s not my problem.  I am the child of a King, and the King gave me power over the enemy.  I will take a stand and do my part.  I will do it NOW!  Together, we can bring a change into our Communities.

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Monday’s Word of Encouragement (Remaining Calm)

Greetings my brothers and sisters, today is the first day of the rest of your life and we want you to enjoy each and every moment the Lord has blessed you with, therefore we share this word of truth to help you alone your journey because we know that the old devil is going to try his best to stress you out as you journey through the pathway towards your destiny.  Take this scripture and commit it to memory, it says, “The one who knows much says little;an understanding person remains calm.(Proverb 17:27 MSG)”

Now click on this video clip and get the rest of the story:

Thank you for visiting with us on this Monday, the first day of the rest of your life. Now live it as if there is no tomorrow and enjoy the moment, for it is given to you for your enjoyment.

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Sunday Prayer Praise and Worship Service 122 (Blessed is the Peacemaker)


Now let us enter into His House of Prayer this morning with thanksgiving in our hearts, a song of praise on our lips, and a joyful spirit of worship in our souls. For He has blessed us to do no less than to pray for love and peace to break out all over the world and the lost in Christ will seek forgiveness of their sins and ask the Jesus to come into their hearts and take up permanent residence there…





I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works;
 my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:14 ESV)

I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart; before the gods I sing your praise I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your steadfast love and your faithfulness,for you have exalted above all things your name and your word. (Psalm 138:1-2 ESV)



Eternal God our Heavenly Father, unto thee I surrender my all.  I stand in judgment this day heaven Father seeking your forgiveness of my sins and your precious blessings over all your Children who have come forth this day, lifting you up and praising your Holy name.

We thank you Father for the peacemakers of this world, for the gift you have provided to them that they may bring about your works of  making peace between the nations of this world by showing understanding, love and patience in the hearts of those who would seek to destroy what you have given to all mankind to enjoy.

May your supernatural powers prevail over the world that it will bring about a spiritual revolution of healing for those that are living in fear, lack, poverty stricken, disease ridden, unhealthy minds, unforgiving spirits, broken relationships, financial depress, and stressed out with worries for many unknown reason.  I know you can do it Lord, so this day I am calling on you to do it for me.  Free your people from the grips of the devil that they may live free indeed.  I ask this prayer in the name of your son Jesus, who said if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me, Amen!


Time now for our Bible Study Lesson: BLESSED IS THE PEACEMAKER



TIME FOR ALTER CALL:  If you have not experience the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, here is your opportunity to receive His precious gift of eternal life.  Just click on this short video clip and pray this prayer with us…



Thank you for reading and studying the Word of God with us this day. If you have experienced a blessings from this service today, we encourage you to share it with others so that they to may receive their blessing.

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