The church, under Christ’s control, is a living body, a dwelling, a family of believers in Christ.  As a believer we have a place where we are accepted and welcomed, where you belong and that is the church.  We also have the responsibility to accept and welcome other believers, regardless of race, sex, occupation, nationality, ability, physical characteristics, social status, or personality type. 

The church is Christ’s body to carry out the work he began on earth.  He is the head of his body, directing it and motivating it to complete his ministry on earth.  As such, the church is the continuation of Christ’s incarnation, in the sense that Christ, through another human body, still lives and works on earth among human beings in a tangible, palpable way.  But it takes all the members of the body working together in harmony to fulfill the designs and desires of the head.  The body must match the head so that Christ can be fully expressed!

We as believers are part of Christ’s body, which is the church.  As such, we must live in vital union with him.  Our conduct must be consistent with this living relationship.  People in the world should be able to see Christ by looking at Christians, seeing their values, lifestyle, and loving acts of service. 

Now I leave you with these questions; what do people know about Jesus by watching how you relate to other Christians?  In what ways can you use your God-given abilities to equip believers for service?  How can you fulfill your role in the living church of today?