Office Politics: A Rise to the Top

Office Politics: A Rise to the Top (Photo credit: Alex E. Proimos)


For the modern workers, work accounted for almost half the time of life. The status of heterosexual partners soon fell in love, but also more common.

Site investigation based on the world, more than four percent of readers think that only underground office romance, more people than in favor of the public. Even one-fifth of people think that in order to good for each other, one of them should change jobs.

“Office is a very serious place, but the feeling is very private, do not mix together,” said a marketing director. He is going through this “underground feeling”, feeling is not stable and colleagues to make every possible means to extract confessions, how he did not recognize.

TSMC psychological consultant, said Zhu Chunlin, colleagues stir will cause pressure on both sides. Whether positive or negative views, the two cannot objectively consider each other’s right or not.

“If two separated, not only to face each other, people will talk behind their backs long-term, but also the concerns of many people,” Zhu Chunlin said when  love exposure, it is best to asked to be transferred in different sectors. Avoid emotional impact of their own twists and turns, but also affect staff morale.

Another has been through this painful experience of media workers, said: “rabbit does not eat the grass edge.” Many large enterprises often have a factional struggle within this politically sensitive disputes with each other if and office romance, it is difficult to handle.

When women talk about feelings with company executives, this sensitive atmosphere, often to damage the professional image of an office romance, but also affect their morale. For this reason, some companies do not agree with this private affair, at least not fall in love with colleagues in the same department.

However, some companies took the opposite position. Chengwen Yan said Microsoft’s public relations manager; Microsoft team has several on this Valentine Day, also heard and affects their morale or efficiency of any serious problems.

“Let the work speak to the issue of personal EQ, nothing to do with an office romance,” Ming? Associate Tong Wen-chih. Based on the macro, Group humane atmosphere, he not only does not oppose, or even happy to see.

Digital joint business manager said, as long as the company did not expressly provided, no public office romance bad. “After all, successful businesses should focus on the employee’s professional capacity,” she stressed. However, if the companies expressly prohibit office romance, Xie Beizhen recommendations or best asked to be transferred to another department.

People also believe that, in addition to the company requirements, individual EQ also important considerations. “Feelings when things go wrong, EQ are decreases.” He suggested that the EQ is not high enough to disclose these feelings before; you have to consider their own ability to withstand the attention of my colleagues.