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What happens when your husband falls out of love? If you are living with this, now your answer is likely related to how devastated you feel. For many women they actually feel as though time stands still when they realize that their spouse no longer feels emotionally connected to them. Perhaps your husband has directly told you that he wants a divorce. Maybe he is just now starting to hint at the fact that he is unhappy within the marriage. Either way you have to react and you need to do it in such a way as to preserve your chances for a future with him. Do not make the common mistake of jumping to the conclusion that once your husband tells you this, your relationship is over for good.

Many men get married with the expectation that the relationship will continue to be as exciting and dynamic as it was before the wedding. Real life tends to be a bit more mundane and predictable than dating life. You two now have to contend with things like mortgage payments and running the children back and forth from here to there. The spark that was once brightly lit in your relationship may have fizzled out. You might not feel as connected emotionally to each other and that is when some men start to feel distanced from their wives. They actually mistake their boredom with falling out of love. If your husband has yet to tell you that he no longer loves you, do not jump to that conclusion. He may just be feeling a sense of loneliness and monotony.

You have to put some real effort into reconnecting with the man you married. Even after a man takes those wedding vows and commits himself to one woman, he needs to have his ego boosted from time to time. He has to feel as though he is desirable to you. Reach out to hold his hands sometime and be the one who initiates intimacy. He will feel closer to you if you do.

For the same reason, he wants to feel appreciated and valued just as much as you do. When was the last time you thanked him for everything he does for you? Have you gone out of your way to do small things as signs of gratitude for him being such an amazing father and provider? Celebrate him the way you used to when you two first got married. Plan a night just for pampering him. Make him feel as though there is no other man you would rather be with. If you do this, he will definitely start to feel more valued within the relationship and it can help to open his heart back up again.

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