To have respect in relationship means to be able to value each other, and understand  to accept each other wholly by who you are, and not by what you are. Respect at some point also means never underestimating the capability and limitations of each one. Love in the relationship will not grow, but remains stunted without respect. With love, there is respect, and with respect there is also love. Really, how much do you love someone as much as you respect him?

Seeing the real personality of each one is part of the relationship on a deeper sense. You will both discover what are your flaws, bad habits and even your immaturities. Knowing the flaws is not the reason to leave the relationship behind, but it is more of a test to us as to how respect in relationship can be applied in between the differences as couple. So don’t allow disrespect to happen in the relationship especially on times when you feel you know each other well. Earning the respect of our partners and vice versa is really essential as respect always comes with love.

1.     Do not pretend as somebody; Be REAL!

Being real gives an indication to your partner that you are sincere with your words and actions. Do not ever suddenly transform yourself in order to please anyone and mostly your partner; being YOU is enough to actually please your partner. As such, when this happens respect follows.

2. Respect happens when you do and practice it


The first thing you can do is to gain respect from yourself before respecting others. The initiative of respect should only come from you and not to somebody. The logic here is that when you are not respecting yourself, do not expect that your partner will respect you. Think of your acts.

3. Give your efforts for the sake of the relationship

It doesn’t mean here that the partner alone will put an effort to maintain the relationship that both of you have established. Two parties have to be involved on either saving or reaching out the damaged relationship. Do not allow your partner to think of you as slowly fading out in the relationship. Respect will be out of the picture when you are always passive.

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 4. Be attractive

Being interesting to your partner doesn’t mean you have to look good by putting heavy make-up. It means that what you were to him or her before, you should be the same even now. So, when you were sweet, witty and respectful as ever, make him feel that you are still the same.

5.  Learn to be self-determining and be TRUE

Being independent means you know how to decide for your own and can be able to find ways and means to live on Remember, the most respected person is the one who knows what to do without guidance from someone.

Honesty always comes with respect as far as the relationship is concerned.  It is with honesty that you are able to share all your views, opinions, feelings and sentiments to your partner which in turn giving him the respect you have always been desiring.

6.  Find time for yourself

Learn to be independent while loving your partner as this allows more room for respect.  Learn to appreciate yourself, love what you do and be happy always.

 7.  Listen from your heart

To listen means you are allowing the partner’s thoughts and feelings to be absorbed and felt by you.  As such, listening is about making way for expressions of feelings and will be able to get through the thought of it as a way for respecting each other’s view.

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Respect in the relationship is applicable to all, be it at home, school, work, etc. The word respect is everywhere, but it can only be felt by the people who preserves it, and use it for peace. On the other note, respect is one reason why a relationship lasts. Respect is best felt when done rather than just said. In every relationship, showing respect is a learned process that cannot be achieved overnight. Respect gives you time to grow and to love more than yourself.