Love is Fragrant

Image by Fe 108Aums via Flickr

A Spirit of forgiveness brings you joy

We all have experience love and hate relationships at some point in our lives.  However, the most important thing for us is that we at some point are able to find ourselves, come to an understanding that in order for us to ever really be happy in our relationship, we must learn how to forgive.  Sometimes this can be the hardest part of a loving relationship.  Because when we don’t forgive, we loose the joy of that great romantic sexual experience that so excited us in the beginning of the relationship.

Remember this, “the art of a lover is to make the romance last as long as possible.”  How can we make the romance last when we want allow ourselves to forgive the other person for what ever they have done.  We say this time they have really done it and this is too big for me to ever consider forgiving them for what they have done to me.  When we don’t forgive others we are only hurting ourselves more.  The pain of hurt and angry, that we keep bottle up inside of us, only acts to destroy us from the inside.  It breaks down our immune system and makes us susceptible to all sorts of germs and diseases.  If we want peace, happiness, joy and love to really rule and command a present in our lives, we must consider forgiveness as a way to changing us from the inside out.

Forgiveness works two ways.  You must forgive to be forgiven.  For every person has the need to be forgiven.

Forgiveness should become a habit.  When Peter ask Jesus how often should I forgive a person for the crimes that they have committed again me, Jesus answered and said, “Until seventy times seven.”  He who forgives to infinity will never hate. 

Forgiveness should start now.  Putting off forgiving only deepens the wound.  Clinging to bitterness postpones happiness.  Life is short, time is fleeting.  Today is the day to forgive.

Forgiveness is the way to personal peace.  It is performing mental surgery in yourself, probing deep within to remove hurts, grudges and resentments.  It is forgetting wrongs as though they had never been.  It is flooding your mind with the powerful medicine of forgiveness that cleanses and heals.  It is discovering a serenity you’ve never known before.

When you discover deep within your soul that you were created as a lover and you have the power to love and be loved, then the spirit of forgiveness is awaken and it becomes just a part of your daily score and love for you will never walk out the door.  You will become a mirror of peace, love, joy and happiness.  This will define who you are. 

Now enjoy your new found freedom.  It was meant for you to have.  For what God has given to you, is for you and can’t anyone take it away from you.