Your imagination is the workshop of your mind, if you want to turn your life around, find the right job for yourself, start a brand new business, travel the world, the list of things you want to do can be endless.  The point here is that no matter what it is that you really want to accomplish, you can do it.  Start thinking outside of the box, in other words, begin to use the most powerful tool that God has blessed you to have and that is your imagination.  I cannot use your imagination to create for you the prosperity you desire.  No one can do that but you.  The key is to begin by not living in the past but by grabbing hold of the future, the future is NOW.  It is what your thought process can generate for you at this very moment.  Your imagination will create for you any desired results you may desire.  Now pause for a moment and watch this powerful video clip and we will meet on the other side.

Remember, your imagination is that great workshop where all of your plans are created.  Your Desire begins to take shape, form and action begins through your imagination.  You can create anything you can image.  Think great thoughts and great things will manifest themselves right before your very own eyes.  Think negative thoughts and all you will have are negative results.  God created you to be a creative being.  He purposed you with this great tool in order that you may do your part in helping to sustain the operation of this great universe.  Yes, we all are a spoke in the wheel.  Our job is to fix and build while we live.  To do anything less means that we are not living out Gods’ perfect will.

You must begin to play an active role in developing your imagination.  Stop putting off today for tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promise to you.  The time to start is right NOW.  The place to start is right where you AREAllow your imagination to create your prosperity.

I will submit to you that your only limitation within reason lies in the development and use of your imagination.  No matter how young you are, nor how old you are, you have not yet reached the limits of the use of your imagination.  Your thoughts power your imagination.  In actuality, you can say imagination and thoughts are interchangeable.   The key to always being able to have great thoughts is by using your imagination.  You must always look within yourself for all your answers.  Remember, God told us that the Kingdom of heaven is within each one of us.  Now come alone on this journey with me as we watch this next video clip together.  You see, it is already spinning in my mind and since our minds are connected as one mind, what you see is the same as what I see, and what I see is what you will also see.

Therefore, the key to rising above poverty and all that it entails lies with your ability to use your imagination to create your own wealth, and the key to it all lies within your own thought process. As I speak to you right now, I know that you are only using your imagination only in a elementary way.  The time has come for you to change your thinking, garner the knowledge necessary to use the tools of your imagination properly.  Get understanding, seek wisdom as you submit your will to God, and allow him to be your guide.  My Friends, your Extraordinary Life is waiting, why not take advantage of the wonderful thoughts that are pounding in your head right now. Open your the door to your mind while you watch this last video clip, then begin to experience the greatness that resides inside of you.

My friends, I encourage you today, to USE YOUR IMAGINATION TO CREATE YOUR OWN PROSPERITY, and learn to think globally as you work locally.  I minister to you today from a position of peace, purpose, power and prosperity.  I remain your brother in Christ, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher.

If you are out of work and seeking a job are wanting to make a change to a new job, we encourage you to click on this link and study the content of the article and watch the video clips that displayed there.