Worry Free (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Today you are sitting here reading this message and at the same time worrying about all sort of things that are affecting your life and the life of your family in so many negative ways.  Things such as money, your health, your children, the economy and the list is very long.  You look around and see many of your friends and family members doing the same thing.  Then you ask yourself one simple question, the same question that so many others ask themselves.  Where is it all going to end?  Is this life for me and my family going to get any better?  Am I going to be able to find a job?  How am I going to feed my family for the rest of this year?  Where am I going to get the money to pay my mortgage or rent?  The questions just keep coming, but no answers.  My health is declining and I do not have the money to visit the doctor and get my prescriptions filled.

Let me assure you that worrying about all these things have never accomplished anything.  As a matter of fact, worrying only adds to the problems you are experiencing.  Because as you worry, your thoughts only generate negative things which only compounds your problems.  Stop worrying and allow your mind to focus on your dreams and the possibilities of what you can create by using your imagination.  You have the power to turn all things around.  Please take the time to watch this video and see just how great life really can be providing you change your thinking.

We encourage you to STOP WORRYING AND LIVE OUT YOUR DREAM.  Life is the greatest joy in the universe.  Learning to live it is a life long process.  The time to begin to live your new life free of worry is NOW.  Take advantage of the great tools God has provided you with.  This next video clip will provide you with eight very important steps on How to stop worrying and live out your dreams.

The power of all your greatness that has not yet been tap into, lies within you.  Use your imagination and create the world that you have always dreamed of.  I minister to you from a position of peace, power, purpose and prosperity.  I remain your brother in Christ, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher.