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I am one of God’s Servants, chosen to help the children of God throughout the world in any way I can.  I am here to serve.  Therefore I urge you to feel free to contact me about any issues that you may have regarding the work we are doing here now are in the future.  

Recruiting for the VABWM team


We have a passion for the Kingdom Building Work God has called us to do, and we want you to be a part of this process.

If you have a passion for writing, teaching, preaching, motivating others, problem-solving, critical thinking, growing a team to reach the world with the Word of God, and the ability to drive change, then we want you to join the Vine and Branch World Ministries (VABWMTEAM).

Our ministry is reaching the World with over 1.5 million followers from around the globe, existing in 125 countries and growing daily.  By joining the VABWM team, you will be “ANSWERING THE CALL” to expand God’s Kingdom Building process to an even greater number of “SEEKERS and BELIEVERS” who relies on us to bring them the Truth of the Word of God.


At VABWM we believe that God has called all His believers to “GO” into the world and make disciples as the Bible describes it in Matthew 28:19-20.  Therefore, we are reaching out to you, the seekers, to come and join the VABWM team, because we are spiritual contributors who bring our best forward every day, and honor God with our integrity.  We are mutually broken and trying, together, to find restoration in Christ and to help restore our community and the world.  Our life and our work are centered on one thing, leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


If you are a writer or blogger and want to reach a much larger targeted audience and help to spread the word of God, providing salvation to the Children of God, you have come to the right place.  Join the VABWM team of writers and bloggers.  Start today by sending us an article, and if it fits within our format, we will post it under your bi-line and start marketing it to our tens of thousand of daily readers.


God has called you to go into the world and teach the truth of His Word to all who have ears to hear and a willing heart to receive.  This is what He says for you to do; “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20 ESV) 

There is a calling on your life, honor that calling by joining the VABWM team and together we will reach the lost sheep in the world, disciple the world and help to bring salvation to the world in Jesus name.


There is a great pin-up desire that exist out there in the world today for God’s people to here the truth of the Word of God instead of the whoop and holler and the feel good messages that are so often being delivered.  If you feel that your messages are missing the mark and not being received by the thousands of people that you know that are in need of the word that God has provided to you to give to His people, and you have the desire to stand on the world stage and preach to tens of thousands of people each week, you owe it to yourself and God to join the VABWM team.

Our teaching channel will allow you to stream live to thousands of people worldwide in real time, and your sermons can quickly become viral.


“IS YOUR LEADERSHIP VISION CONSISTENT WITH GOD’S PURPOSE?” We ask this question because it is important that all of our leadership team’s vision be in line with God’s vision.  He says in Proverb 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Leaders need to be sure their vision is consistent with God’s purpose.  Moreover, when cross currents threaten to sweep the vision into another channel, they must work to keep it heading in the right direction.  They cannot allow self-serving interests—their own or someone else’s—to distort their vision of the future and prevent God’s purposes from being fulfilled.  That is why we must continually ask the question, “IS YOUR LEADERSHIP VISION CONSISTENT WITH GOD PURPOSE?” 

 Are you up to the task of motivating others, problem-solving, critical thinking, growing a team to reach the world with the Word of God, and the ability to drive change?  If this is you, please contact us today, we want you as a member of the VABWM TEAM!


Copy and paste the line below into the body of your email:


Send your email to;  pastordavismasterteacher@gmail.com

Your team leader

Sister Norma J. Byars





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  1. I love this text and will, no doubt add you to my rss-reader in order to follow you each day. Continue the great work!


      Thank you my friend and may you find joy and peace in all you do. We look forward to sharing information that is helpful and encouraging.


  2. This is nice post which I was awaiting for such an article and I have gained some useful information from this site. Thanks for sharing this information.


      Graham you are welcome and thank you for visiting. God bless you.
      Shirley Rhodes

  3. It isn’t often easy to continue to be constructive, but bordering myself with good mates in addition to a suportive friends and family generally makes it less difficult. I remind myself regularly that every day is often a gift, and we’re fortunate to awaken just about every early morning and get component in it…


      Thank you for visiting my friend and yes we agree, every day is a gift. May you find joy in all you do. Be blessed.
      Shirley Rhodes

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