When someone is dying or leaving us, we pay close attention to his or her last words, Jesus left the disciples with some last words of instruction.  Here are those words as spoken by Jesus, “Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them [a]into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you [b]all the days ([c]perpetually, uniformly, and on every occasion), to the [very] close and consummation of the age. [d]Amen (so let it be).” (Matthew 28:19-20 AMP).  Now listen to this very important message in this Video Clip.

God gave Jesus complete authority over heaven and earth.  On the basis of his authority, Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples as they preached, baptized, and taught.  Making disciples means instructing new believers on how to follow Jesus, to submit to Jesus lordship, and to take up his mission of compassionate service.  Baptizing is important because it unites a believer with Jesus Christ in his or her death to sin and resurrection to new life.  Baptism symbolizes submission to Christ, a willingness to live God’s way, and identification with God’s covenant people.  To baptize in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit affirms the reality of the Trinity, the concept coming directly from Jesus himself.  He did not say baptize them into the “names,” but into the “name” of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  How long will it take to reach the entire world?  It is your job to go and make disciples. Now watch this video and prepare your mind to truly become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Whereas in previous missions Jesus had sent his disciples only to the Jews, their mission from here forward would be to go to all the nations.  This is called the Great Commission.  The disciples had been trained well and they had seen the risen Lord.  They were ready to teach people all over the world to obey all the commands that Jesus had given.  This also showed the disciples that there would be a lapse of time between Jesus resurrection and his second coming.  During that time, Jesus followers had a mission to do, evangelize, baptize, and teach people about Jesus so that they, in turn, could do the same.  The Good News of the gospel was to go forth to all the nations.

Jesus commanded the Church to go, he also commanded us to go.  We are to carry the good news into the world and teach it to all people.  The great commission is not a choice, it is our responsibility.  Now click on this video and and allow it to become you and what you do.

With this same authority, Jesus still commands us to tell others the Good News and make them disciples for the kingdom.  We are to go whether it is next door or to another country and make disciples.  It is not an option, but a command to all who call Jesus “Lord.”  As we obey, we have comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is always with us.  This would occur through the Holy Spirit’s presence in believer’s lives.  The Holy Spirit would be Jesus presence that would never leave them.  Jesus continues to be with us today through his Spirit.

Now that you understand what the Great Commission means, know that it is not a choice, because when Jesus gave it to the disciples he did not give them a choice of deciding if they would except their commission, therefore for us today, it is not a choice but it is truly our responsibility to except Jesus marching orders to us.  The harvest is ripe, but the labors are few.  

Equip yourself and get ready for this mission that has been assigned to you, not by your church, your pastor are any one else, but by Jesus Christ.  The warnings we received from the earthquakes this past week and massive storm of Hurricane Irene should have left each one of us with a very valuable lesson, that is our time on this earth is short, our mission is clear, and our responsibility is to do the will of God with complete obedience.

Today, I am equipping you as God has equipped me and sent me into the world, let this message become your calling to prepare yourself for the calling of Jesus Christ.  I know you have heard his voice speaking to you and you have ran away and shut it out with all sort of excuses.  But what better time than now to open up your ears and allow Jesus to speak to you and you obey his command.  I minister to you from a position of peace, power, purpose and prosperity.  I remain your brother in Christ, Pastor Davis/Master Teacher.


Thank you My Brothers and Sisters for studying with us ans sharing this very important lesson with all your family, friends and social media.

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