Pastor Davis founder and under Shepherd of the Vine and Branch World Ministries and Pastor Davis World Vision Ministries

Pastor Davis founder and under Shepherd of the Vine and Branch World Ministries and Pastor Davis World Vision Ministries




A Profile History of Pastor Davis M. Byars, Jr.

Pastor Davis was born and raised in a small town in Marysville, S.C.  He grew up on a farm there as the son of a sharecropper.  He graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School, and after graduation from high school, he moved to Greenwich, Connecticut where he received his first job working in a factory.

Davis decided that he needed some additional education to better himself, so he begin attending night school at the University of Connecticut while working a full time day job.  This helped him to land a much better paying job, and help to move him into some very attractive executive management positions.  Davis continued his studies at the New York State University and the University of Pa.  Davis is now studying for his Doctorial Degree in Holistic Theology.

At the age of 14 Davis gave his life to the Lord, and from that moment forward the Lord has been molding and shaping Davis life in such a way that led him to become an ORDAINED MINISTER who has served three congregations.  His present ministry is a multi-faceted one.  He is President of LIVINGSTON MIND REALITY INSTITUTE, and as such he travels throughout North America as a Teacher, Preacher, Inspirational Speaker and Motivator, and he is now working to help build global ministries throughout the world in order to bring God’s people into their right relationship with him.

In April of 2008, the Lord placed in his Spirit a new mission, and that was to move forward in finding  THE VINE AND BRANCH WORLD MINISTRIES.COM and on line ministry and it would be a ministry that would completely change his life in so many wonderful ways.  The Vine and Branch World Ministries would be a Teaching Ministry that would work to help relieve poverty around the world and bring salvation to God’s people.

Pastor Davis is the author of six books. He is also a frequent contributor to various magazines and journals, as well as writing regularly for several on-line sites.

Pastor Davis is known throughout the world by his many disciples, friends and followers simply as PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER.

You may contact PASTOR DAVIS by sending him a personal email at:

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