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black history month 2014 02Today, we continue to honor the History and Legacy of the AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE as a building block that has been a total part of the fabric of America.  African American’s have been a part of these building blocks for over 200 years.

This is a tribute in honor of Black History Month, honoring people of all races, gender, and culture who faced difficult periods in history as well as today because of a desire to be free and treated as equal. Let’s not forget the generations gone on before us who’ve paved the way and now we have an opportunity to embrace greater freedom of choice and decision.   The struggles continue but we must not forget the battle is not ours, we keep striving, moving forth with our eyes centered on the prize and that prize is that “we all” are given the opportunity to taste real freedom.

Celebration of Black History Month encourages us to reflect on the hopes, dreams and achievements of African- Americans –those who survived persecution, beatings, discrimination, and slavery and yet somehow triumphed in the mist of the struggles. It is a time not just for African-Americans but for those who walked and worked side by side with our black brothers and sisters risking their lives all for equality.

Among the moments of reflection on what has been accomplished, let’s remember that the struggle is not finished. Those who have paved the way gave us insight into their struggles and we are reminded that nothing is gained if we become so comfortable we no longer feel the need to reach higher goals.

With-out pride in ourselves how can we reach back and lift someone else up? The very people who fought in the struggle relied on each other for support, yet many today will not even visit a soup kitchen, or willingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ, are we too comfortable?  Jesus taught us to love and until we are able to comprehend the full meaning of those words, we’ll cease to move forward united. The choice is ours and what we do with it is each one’s responsibility to another.

From a biblical point there are constant reminders of struggles, endurance, strength and overcoming the odds through Victory in Jesus Christ. What we see today is a people without hope due to circumstance, but we have the power within ourselves (spirit within) to overcome any obstacle set before us. We must move in faith instead of being faithless, seek God in all we do because he is the Shepard of our lives.

We’ve managed to lose the importance of those very values of the people we reflect on during Black History Month in so many ways; therefore, we now find ourselves on the verge of losing an entire “privileged” generation of youth. A generation that has access to all the material “things” their hearts desire and yet know little about the struggle or its purpose. The question we must ask ourselves as a Nation, as a People, “How do we grasp the torch and pass it on in such a way that the meaning to Black History isn’t lost forever?” God has a pattern and a plan for all people but we must be obedient and in reverence of the Source which supplies all that we need to endure the struggles and win the Victory.

Now let us not forget who we are as a people, just because we are celebrating Black History Month.  In Christ Jesus, we are all one people.  Not Black People, White People are any other color.  We are a people that belong to Christ and we all are AMERICAN’S.  Do not leave without watching this very important video clip.

May God’s blessings be upon each and every person as we celebrate this Black History Month together as Children of the KING!  Let us do this in Jesus name.

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