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Scriptures of Encouragement (Don’t take it personally)



by Shirley Rhodes

Life is a journey in which many obstacles or illusions are part of the process, don’t take it personal.

Don’t take it personal when you’re questioned about your faith, because Jesus endured the same but was always ready to respond in a way to get his message across to non-believers.

Don’t take it personally when others ridicule you because it says a lot about their own character, words are mere words.

Don’t take it personally when the very people you thought were your friends turn their backs on you and walk away, Jesus endured the same. For everything there is a reason, it’s how you evaluate and respond that really matters.

Don’t take it personally when you are confronted with hostility, hate, and bigotry, remember what Jesus endured prior to being wrongly sentenced and nailed to the cross. The men, who held Jesus mocked him, beat him and blindfolded him; they struck him on the face saying “Prophesy! Who is the one who struck you?” Many other things they blasphemously spoke against him (Luke 22: 63-63). He said to them, “If I tell you (I am the Christ), you will by no means believe me…you rightly say that I am” (Luke 22:67-70).

Each day brings new beginnings and that means opportunity for choice, so, choose wisely. As you journey through life, friend and foe can be what helps you to grow and be productive in what you have to accomplish. It has been said that people come into your life for a reason, some may choose to stay and some may choose to move on. Whatever happens; ask your-self, how has this experience helped to make me a better person. Each individual is on his or her own journey and in that journey allow it to be a time of learning and growth in a positive direction.

The heart of the wise teaches his mouth and adds learning to his lips (Proverbs 16:23).

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  1. You’re so sweet! Thanks so much for reading! And that event sounds wonderful. Wish I was home for it!

  2. Hello, I was researching the web and I came across your own blog. Keep in the great work.

  3. Right on point for me today my brother, teacher & Pastor.
    Coleman B.

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