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God’s Divine Plan For Our Lives Pt. 2


Imagine the emotional roller-coaster Mary must have experienced as the events of A Divine Appointment unfolded foretold by early prophets. It began with the threat of divorce from Joseph, which was brought to a halt by an angelic intervention assuring him that her conception was “of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:20). Then A Divine Appointment cumulating in Bethlehem where she gave birth to baby Jesus in a stable, using a feeding trough for his bed, shepherds telling that angels had announced the birth of the Messiah, aged prophets in the temple exalting her month-old infant, wise men arriving from the distant east with wonderful gifts for her child , then the angel’s warning that King Herod the Great would try to kill the boy, they hurried escape into Egypt to await the death of King Herod, then finally able to return home and settling in Nazareth, Mary had so many things to ponder in her heart.


For thirty years the Gospels are silent as the child grew up under the watchful eyes of his parents. When he was aged twelve he accompanied his parents to Jerusalem for Passover (a celebrated event) and remained in the temple as his parents started their journey home; realizing he was not present with them they turned back to find him; Jesus seemed perfectly at ease “sitting among the teachers” in what he referred to as “my Father’s house” (Luke 2:46). A Divine Purpose was unfolding as Jesus set about his Fathers business of spreading the good news.  He chose his disciples, and started the process of seeking to save the lost. He said to them, “I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also; for this is the reason I have come” (Luke 4:43). Let us remember this holiday season; God has A Divine Plan for his people, as we celebrate the birth of the Promise.

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