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Are you a person of faith?  Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe in the bible, when the word says, “all things are possible if you believe?”  Do you believe in anything?  For the rest of this day and tomorrow, you now have the opportunity to test your belief system.  God created each one of us in His own image and likes.  He gave us His Character, and He allowed us to live in the greatest country on earth.  What a great joy this is to be given the opportunity to participate in the democracy of the country that God has placed each one of us in.  Our democracy means freedom for all people, and each one of us now has the opportunity to decide on just how we are going to continue to live free and make decisions about our lives that will keep us free and moving forward as a nation.

Over the next 48 hours, each one of us will have to look into the mirror and face our other self.  When we do, we will be facing the reality of just who we are.  The mirror will not lie, but we can lie to ourselves and deny our real self.  Who is that person that I am looking at in the mirror, and how is that person going to vote?  Not if that person is going to vote, because the choice is crystal clear, that person must vote if that person wants to continue to live free and have the freedom to make his own choices over the next decade.  The choice that this person that I am looking at in this mirror must make the right choice for the future of himself, his family’s future and the future of his country.  No one else can vote for the person in the mirror, he must get out and vote for himself.

I am a believer, I believe in the magic and integrity of my vote.  Therefore, I am going to step out on faith and make my vote count.  Because all that I have seen and heard, teaches me to trust in God for all that I have not seen.  Nothing or anyone can turn me away from doing what is right for this country.  I believe that God is still in control of all things and the things that I believe in, God will make them possible.

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