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Wednesday Inspirational and Motivational Service (Purposed for Greatness)



Now, my brothers and sisters, it is flight time.  God wants to lift you higher into the invisible world of your destiny, only because He has purposed you for such a flight.  Put on your flight suit, strap yourself in and get ready for lift off…

Here is your ticket, just click on this video clip for final instructions:





We hope today’s service has blessed you in some small way.  We encourage you to share it with others that they too may receive the blessings of the Lord.  Thank you for your faithfulness to the building and uplifting of the Kingdom of God.

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  1. Reblogged this on talkativeangel and commented:
    A message that must be heard. God’s Plan is the best plan.


      Thank you my dear sister in Jesus Christ for re-blogging this and taking the word of God into the world. This is truly what the Lord has called all of His Servant’s to do. He says in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples!” That is our charge. Be Blessed and live in His peace…

  2. Amen… using what God has given us is a very important message. Jeremiah 29 is one of my favorite chapters. God does KNOW, and we need to KNOW his plans that He has for us. I must say this is a most powerful message, especially for me.
    God Bless – Shelia


      Now our minds are in sink with what God has given to us. The book of Jeremiah is the second most quoted book of the Bible followed behind the book of Psalms. There is so much in this book for us to learn to live by as our guide today. When we study and seek the Lord’s anoiting over what we are studying He will lead us into green pastures where we will never hunger nor thrist because He will keep providing us with plenty to live by. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and encouraging words. I love to receive your thoughts on what we are teaching here. So please keep them coming for they help me to understand futher how to present what God has given to me and it helps all our readers, teachers, bloggers and disciples to go deeper inside of themselves to help share the word. May you walk out into your divine destiny in Jesus name.

      • Glory to God! Alleluia! Shouting here! Praise the Lord. It was such a powerful message…Keep it going!


          Will do just that my friend for I have no other option than to be obedient to the word of God. Thanks again for the encouragement, it is something we all need from time to time, it helps to keep the devil out of our ears and keeps us closer to God.

  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. May the peace of God rest upon you and your ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.


      My friend you are so welcome and I think you for the visit and studying with us. May God bless you abundantly as you walk into your divine destiny in Jesus name.

  4. Great message as usual Pastor. PePeople need to hear God made them to do feats and exploits in His kingdom on earth. Blessings my friend.


      Thank you my friends for those great and powerful words of encouragement. May God bless you richly in Jesus name as you walk out your purpose doing His will.

  5. As usual, you are sharing exactly what I need to hear for today.
    Be richly blessed.


      My dear friend you are more than welcome. I think you for the visit and encouraging comments. May God bless you and your ministry as well as you walk into your divine destiny in Jesus Christ.


      My dear brother in Christ Jesus I think you for those very encouraging words. May God bless you abundantly this day as you walk into your divine destiny in Jesus name.

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