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Thursday Scriptures of Encouragement (Ponder these things in your heart)



by Shirley Rhodes

Human nature is to dissect and analyze  our  brothers’ and sisters’ while neglecting the idea that it should be the very opposite, it start’s with self. Allow the Holy Spirit room to come in and entertain your every action before uttering one word or thought that may affect the lives of others, think before speaking or comparing, Ponder  These Things in Your Heart.

As the Psalmist so eloquently stated, “let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight , O Lord my strength and my rock” (19:14).

My meditation of him shall be sweet, I will be glad in the Lord (104:34).

When the angel appeared to Mary, there was no questioning her fate, was her response,” I Ponder These Things in My Heart that I might be used as Gods’ vessel to serve his purpose?”  It is one of the virtues of wisdom when we are able to set aside time to meditate and in tune our thoughts to silence that surrounds us. When the Holy Spirit is at work, opening our minds, listening and being obedient is an act of servitude that is pleasing to God. It is then we are assured that whatever is before us is in the process  of being worked out under the watchful eye of “the Potter,” so learn to still your spirit by stating to yourself these words of thought, “I Ponder These Things in My Heart” and patiently wait.

Remember the pattern Jesus designed, step by step in his teachings. His chosen followers were always around setting at his feet, listening and absorbing his teachings but did not fully comprehend the  meaning of it all until his death on Calvary and his resurrection, which means that they were obedient listeners and followers,  somewhere along the way each of their thoughts may have been,  “I Ponder These Things in My Heart.” When the time was appointed and appropriate they were able to draw strength from the very One who had so patiently laid the foundation of their growth to reach the world at large.

One may wonder about how many Great Prophets of the Bible responded when an assignment came from God.  There inner thoughts are not revealed so I imagine they said to them-selves, I Ponder These Things in My Heart and therefore I am obedient to the call of service from God. Noah when instructed to build an ark that would house a future world never questioned his assignment but moved in fear and obedience.  Moses gave excuses as to why he should not be the one chosen to free the Israelites from bondage when enslaved in Egypt, Imagine that even when in uncertainty   he to spoke the words to himself, “I  Ponder These Things in My Heart” and followed his instructions. Abraham, when called upon to sacrifice his son, move with wisdom and fear  did  he have the same thought process, I Ponder These Things in My Heart? He too was obedient and followed instructions, believing in faith that God will provide. The list is endless as to how through faith and obedience, and these words “I Ponder These Things in My Heart, may have  indeed became an important of the outcome we all may experience as we put our trust, our lives in Gods’ hand and be obedient.

Now have you pondered these things in your heart?

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