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Relationship Strategies (Attracting Love)

Attracting love into your life

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Everyone desires to experience love with others. It is the greatest joy to feel love. We all know how to give love, but the problem is when we don’t know how to receive it. Not being able to receive love is a major cause for many of the frustrations we face in relating with others. It is the same thing for anything that we give but seem to have problems receiving it in return. If we are able to receive love as much as we are able to give it, we will complete the cycle of experiencing love with others for full happiness.

Let go of the past, embrace the future, trust what is in front of you now, time is fading away, God has given you this moment to receive love into your life.  It is a gift, learn how to except it and enjoy what God is giving to you right now.

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For too long we have been conditioned with the wrong beliefs that prevent us from receiving love. We think that it is pride to think highly of ourselves and expect others to think highly of us. That is why we do not openly receive compliments, adoration and all the gestures and expressions of love by others towards us. We turn away, try to hide from it and respond in all kinds of ways just not to appear as being proud, not knowing that we are actually rejecting the very love that is being given to us, than accepting it fully.love 10

Beware of how you respond to others when they are showing love to you. Do you get uncomfortable when others are looking at you and sending thoughts to make them stop looking at you?  When someone tries to be extra nice to you, are you unable to accept it because it feels weird? When someone shows you adoration and praise, do you shy away and in any way try to diminish their expression? How you respond is exactly how you treat the love that people are giving to you whether you know it or not.
Remember, the art of a lover is to make the love experience last as long as possible.  God is truly the greatest lover of them all, He shows us love in so many wonderful ways, but do we open our arms and our hearts and fully embrace the love He shows to us.  If we do not except the gift of love from God, then how can we ever expect to  receive love  that others are offering to us? Thank deeply on these thoughts.


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