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Monday’s Word of Encouragement (You have the Power)




Why are you always saying I don’t have the power to do this are to do that?  I’M just a no body; I am not going to get promoted to that position, they are not going to let me become the choir leader, I can’t write a new blog every day, I can’t write a book, I can’t get up every day and exercise, I can’t speak in front of that many people, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I just don’t have the power nor the energy to get up and do those things.

I ask you why you don’t.  All you have done is told yourself what you can’t do. Then you work diligently every day to convince yourself why you can’t do them.  You always put other people in front of you, pointing out the great job they are doing while waking up every morning looking in the mirror, putting yourself down and making excuses of why it is so difficult for you to do what God has given you the power to do.

God has provided you with a very special and unique gift.  Your job is to discover that gift that is waiting on the inside of you to be birth.  He has also equipped you with the POWERS to do great and mighty things.  (Jeremiah 33:3)  Power is truly what you have when you begin to truly BELIEVE on the Word of God.  Why?  Because there is POWER in the WORD, but only when you BELIEVE!  The WORD will never fail you when you BELIEVE in it.  The WORD is truth, the Bible says, “Know the truth and the truth will set you FREE.”  (John 8:32)

Now if you truly want to gain control of self, discover your real gift and activate the powers that God has already provided to you, the first thing you need to do is change your thinking from what you can’t do and begin by believing that you can do it by saying over and over to yourself these words, “I can do all things I choose to do through God who strengthen me.  (Philippians 4:13)

Believe that you can overcome your fears of not being able to accomplish the goals that you have set in the past for yourself, rise above the negative thinking that has surrounded you and move into that place that the Lord has called you to be.  It is never to late to make a change, you are never to young nor to old to begin.  You have to start from right where you are this very moment and begin to move forward.  For God never assigns His Servants a task without first fully equipping this with all the necessary tools to succeed at the assigned task.  He has provided the Holy Spirit to teach you, guide you and help you in every way possible.

Now listen to how the Lord’s supports you as you make the changes in your life to become successful in choosing to obey the Word of God, step out on your faith and stir up the gift that God has placed on the inside of you.  He says, “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

You have the power, now activate it and receive your blessings!

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