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Relationship Strategies (Release and let Go)



Hate is an emotion that is meant to be used as an aggressive defense against any form of evil. It is a destructive force against anything that is destructive towards you. When you feel hate or anger, it just means that someone is doing something that hurts you. It is a form of self love that seeks to protect you and severe anything that isn’t beneficial for you. There is nothing wrong with the way you feel because your emotions serve as a feedback and motivating force to move towards that which is good in life.

It is when you understand what your emotions are telling you, and the reason why you feel that way, that enables you to truly resolve everything in your inner world. The reason why you feel hate and anger is because the person is doing something that hurts you. Your love for yourself repels against such an act. You feel unacknowledged, unappreciated or somehow mistreated in one way or another by the other person. Therefore you seek to redress the wrong or undeserved suffering caused by that person.

You may think that the person is no longer right for you to love or relate with, and you are right coming from the level of consciousness where you are at. But when you discover something beyond that, you may turn your entire perspective around and feel totally different. You see, the reason why you feel unacknowledged is because you need acknowledgement from that person. You need something that is lacking.

You feel mistreated because you require that person to treat you in a certain way. It is when that person isn’t being or doing what you expect, that you feel disappointed in loving him or her. You wonder why should you continue being so good and nice to that person when you are being treated so unfairly in return. What you may not realize is how conditional your love for that person really is. You have so many conditions and requirements on what that person should be or do in order for you to love him or her.  It is now time to release and let go of your unconditional emotions.  Free yourself and be free of the ball and chain that is keeping you from loving and being loved unconditional.

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