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Relationship Strategies (Time for Reflections)

TIME FOR REFLECTION (Photo by Pastor Davis)

TIME FOR REFLECTION (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Time for Reflection

By Shirley Rhodes

 What happens when you feel as if you are all alone?

 What happened to those friends who walked by your side and interacted with you, saying they have your back? Through-out a life time you are apt to encounter such friends as these. As you grow and mature you are likely to experience situations where you’ll have moments of joy as well as disappointment.

It is a time of reflection and a  reminder as to how God is able to lift you  above moments of disappointment  and encourage your heart to let you know that all is not lost, for in him is where your strength lies.

When you feel as if you are all alone? God says, “If you will hold on to me for dear life, I’ll get you out of trouble. I’ll give you the best care if you only get to know me. Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times. I’ll rescue you, I’ll give you long life, give you a long drink of salvation.” (Psalm 91: 1-16, MGS)

What happens when you feel as if you are all alone, you’re at a crossroad in life? There comes a point in time when you must choose, you must make decisions, those type things that guide you towards your assigned destination. Those friends you once thought you could not do with-out is no longer a part of what or who you seek to be, that only means that you are coming into your  own, beginning to realize the value of life.

What happens when you feel as if you are alone? Once you’ve tapped into the source you have gained a friend for life. For Jesus says, “I will never leave, nor forsake you,” those words reassures us that beyond our worldly thoughts, our spiritual connection brings us into a whole new dimension of life, we are now new creatures in Christ Jesus, who is our friend and provider, always watching over us and listening to our cry for help. He is not like man; he hears and will acknowledge our requests at the time appointed. So, rest assured my friends, you are never alone.


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