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Relationship Strategies (Overcoming Despair)





How often do you find your-self moving from place to place, person to person looking for love; love that always seem to be just beyond your reach?  Sometimes we allow our hearts and spirit to become “play toys” in the hands of those who take pleasure in wounding and maiming others, we then find ourselves Shattered but not beyond repair. When we find ourselves hurting, disappointed and even lost, we must not allow despair to become a controlling factor in our lives. The One we need is there to catch and cushion the fall; we are gently loved and cared for.   Maybe the very circumstance you’ve just came from is a lesson learned to get you to where He has purposed you to be; you may be shattered, but not beyond repair.

If you are looking for someone else to carry your burdens in a relationship, and things don’t exactly work out as planned, you may find yourself Shattered but not beyond Repair. Remember that whatever you are going through; Jesus has said, he would never leave nor forsake you. What you must decide to do is look beyond your present circumstance, focus on where God wants to take you, lift your head high and with determination follow the path he has designed for your life, hold him close to your heart, for you are never alone.

When we awake each day with great anticipation of what the day will bring; it is not a time to allow dread and feelings of defeat to become the major player in the process. We are in a position to take our shattered lives, and place them in the hands of the Master Potter. He carefully planned our existence; therefore, when we find ourselves in a state of confusion and chaos, shattered but not beyond Repair; remember, He is able to mend the broken pieces.

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble (Psalm 20:1 KJV), may he grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose (4); may he fulfill all your petitions (5). When you find yourself is a state of “shattered but not beyond repair” may you find safety within the arms of the Lord, where all your needs will be administered in LOVE.  

Now click on this video clip and experience why Everything Happens for a Reason!

We pray that this lesson has been a blessing to your soul and that you will use it and bless someone else this day as it is purposed.  Click on the link below and visit our home page for some additional studies.  You can also click on our Categories Section and stroll down to Relationships and read all our Relationship Strategies.

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