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Relationship Strategies (Build upon a solid Foundation)




The relationships that you begin is your first step in building a life; the only way to get a life, is to build one of your own by building it on Faith upon a Solid Foundation, one that will never fail or forsake you.  Remember, Jesus is that Solid Foundation.  He is the beginning and the end.  When you choose to build your Relationship upon this foundation, you would have chosen wisely.


Technology offers us many ways to connect instantly all over the world, but when you begin building a new relationship, it is something you have to learn and recognize the need to add to or subtract from. One may ask them-selves, “How do I build a life, from where do I start?” To answer that important question, how does day by day, moment by moment sound? One must make decisions and choices to decide what really makes their life complete. When planting  a garden, the very first step is to make sure the soil is prepared, healthy and then carefully select what is  to be planted; once planted,  wait, as what’s planted begin to appear, nourish and cultivate each seedling to maturity and watch them grow into something really beautiful and beneficial.

The same is with relationships that you begin building, making healthy choices in friends; cultivate them just as you would your garden.   Give time and attention to those you’ve chosen or those whom have chosen you, soon the relationship start to bloom, continue to feed and nurture it and the rewards can be beautiful. When building that solid foundation remember to add, faith, clear thinking, love and respect, vital for growth.

 Faith works in every aspect of life, how it’s activated is instilled in each of us, it is a gift from GodJesus is the descent of God in our lives; he is alive among us and is for us, not against us, he lives in each of us, our source to draw from. Now imagine this for a moment:

When your heart beats its vibrations forces blood through the highways within the body that sustain vital nutrients for life in this earthly realm. When Building Your Own Foundation allow indwelling of the Holy Spirit to be your guide, the Holy Spirit lifts us to another level or dimension with ability to explore and release such an energy force that leaves it’s effect within every person we come in contact with, that is if they are open and ready to receive the energy as it flows.

In order to avoid any interruption of flow, avoid negative thinking and attitudes, when encountered replace that flow of thoughts with positive feedback such as love and encouragement.

Understanding the principles of faith enables one to seek those ideas and thoughts worth holding on to. Troubles and tribulations that come may seem overwhelming because they are viewed from a negative point. Now close your eyes and focus, imagine that there is a long corridor ahead and you can only see so far, beyond that point just might be the biggest blessing of all, one unseen, that block you’ve added while Building Your Own Foundation.

Faith means reliance, scripture reminds us that, “All things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Matthew 21:22). Jesus said, “I am the Bread of Life, the person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirst no more, (John 6:35), “I am the World’s Light, no one who followers me

God’s Marvelous Light

stumbles around in the dark. I provide plenty of light to live in” (John 8:12) a reminder to remain diligent while Building Your Own Foundation.

Finally, Building Your Own Foundation on love and respect offers stability that what has been constructed is tangible and deserving of attention and honor from which the foundation was started in order to continue to grow and produce. When plants are not nurtured and feed they soon wilt and die, the same applies to those you’ve chosen to share in life with. With the birth of Jesus, it was the beginning of a new era, his life here connected each of us to the pattern, a process we strive to carry on; through his death, burial and resurrection we are blessed with an opportunity to grow in grace and choose wisely. Keep in perspective that Jesus is the Corner-Stone; that true and solid foundations therefore, build Your Relationships on Faith upon the Solid Foundation of Jesus Teachings of Faith and Love, putting those words of love into action and allowing them to lift you to higher grounds.

Thank you for reading and studying this lesson today on Building your relationships on solid foundation. If it has blessed you in any way, please share it with others so that they too may received their blessing as well.

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