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Experiencing the Powers in God's Amazing Grace (Part 1 of 2)



Experience the Powers in God’s Amazing Grace

Written by: Melissa Franklyn

Today we want each of you to experience the powers of God’s Amazing grace in healing a person from all sort of addictions and the complete restoration of one’s soul through faith, love and forgiveness.

Now let us understand that one of the hardest things for someone who is recovering from addiction, is to accept that they are worthy of forgiveness. Shame, guilt, self-blame, frustration, unresolved anger are only some of the feelings that can make it very difficult to accept that every child of God is worthy of love, and forgiveness.

After many weeks, months or years battling addiction, it can also be difficult to forgive ourselves, yet without self-acceptance, it is difficult to find the inner strength we need to make a new life. The first step is to accept the grace of God; that unmerited favor that comes from the Heavenly Father, to assist us when we are unable to assist ourselves. In fact, Step Seven of the Twelve Step Program says, “We would like to be assured that the grace of God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves,” and nowhere is this more true than in addiction recovery. An addict can feel that their addiction is beyond their control, but when they relinquish this control to a higher power, the road to recovery begins.

The moment in which we accept that God loves us, is an absolute turning point, since it enables us to escape from the destructive spiral of self-hatred, which can, in turn, trigger further drug or alcohol abuse. Forgiveness is an incredibly healing act; research has shown that it can lead to healthier relationships, greater spiritual and psychological well-being, lowered blood pressure, reduced symptoms of depression, and improved heart and immune health. Forgiveness can also help us strengthen our relationships with friends and family.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is one very successful way of helping us receive God’s grace. It enables us to accept ourselves as we are at this very moment; to accept our feelings (even sad ones) yet not act on them immediately. Instead, we are encouraged to take the time we need to objectively view our weaknesses and strengths, and to formulate a positive strategies to make necessary changes in our lives.

We also feel the amazing powers of grace when we forgive others. Forgiving others does not mean condoning or validating their wrongdoings; it means letting go of the resentment and negativity that can stand in the way of our peace and happiness. Prayers is also a vital tool to encourage a more forgiving spirit, towards others and ourselves.

Please don’t miss part 2 of this series on God’s Amazing Grace; How unconditional forgiveness assist in recovery. Part 2 of 2 tomorrow morning right here.

Now may the grace of our Lord and Savior rest and abide in each of you through the good times and bad times and allow you to live in His peace and will now and forever, in Jesus name, Amen!

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