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We live by the Law of Divine Order

To Be Right Where We Need To Be – We Live By The Law of Divine Order



Written By Adam Price

Everything in our lives is in a perfect state of grace and is right where it needs to be. We can often fall into a victim mentality, thinking that society has punished or harassed us in certain areas but if we look more deeply and “trust” the process, we’ll realize that what is happening is divine order in action. Nothing is either good or bad, it’s our perceptions that colour the situation, there’s only neutral energy.

It’s only our perceptions that taint a situation good or bad, but the fact is, from a viewpoint of the law of divine order, that everything happens in a perfect state of grace and is neither good or bad.

The main harmful point to us as human beings, and having a victim mentality is the fact we’re surrendering our control over to the external force of the material earth. In other words we giving away our spiritual power and becoming dependent on an external factor to control our own fate as humans (and in reality this fate can never be taken from us, it’s within us already, we only experience the illusion of it being taken from us, as we experience this illusion of material life, then we wake up again and are ourselves… spirits again). But you must remember this, you always have a choice to manifest your own destiny and create your very own divine life, the way that the law of divine order meant for it to be.

In order for us to be able to get passed the distortions of imperfection labeled by man, things are still happening in the perfect order that the universal energy desires. Once we realize and acknowledge this, we’ll realize that God really does have a purpose for everything that goes on, on this planet and the billions of other planets in the entire universe.

We have to learn to see divine order in every situation we have created for ourselves, and allow the universal force to work in unison with us and the circumstance that has manifested in our lives so we can learn the lesson of that divinely ordered series of events.

If you look at man’s law from this perspective, which has been created so that to some degree, we each express likeness and unity with each other. So we say things like, we’re individuals and need to be unique, we hear that for our general lives and quite a bit if you’re in business, as “differentiation” is one of the dominant factors. In this unique identity we are all trying to create for ourselves (so that we “fit in” or “stand out”), we each approve and accept a slice of the divine concept of identity.

For example, man’s law says that we must look beautiful (in accordance to man’s ideals of beauty), but the law of divine order states we are already in perfect condition, even if we are seen in man’s eye as “ugly” or not attractive, because natural universal laws don’t recognize vanity.

We also are led to believe that we must judge ourselves and “live up to” certain standards and goals that we set for ourselves, and when we don’t achieve them we think along the lines that we aren’t living up to our expectations and this can sometimes cause people to feel down and stuck in a rut. But these are all self-inflicted pains… The law of divine order states, “You are in order as long as you are listening to me.”

Can you begin to see the conflict between our own perceptions of perfect and that of the law of divine orders?

According to natural law we are all already perfect, beautiful, and in the right situation at the right time. Even those of us who are dying, taking their last breath, we do so in perfect grace and will of the ever powerful universe. For it’s not in our control to massage our fate, therefore all laws that we create for ourselves and our own lives for our own gain, are really temporary illusions.



Take for example the rose, it would still bloom even if man didn’t exist at all, it’s completely perfect without man. Our bodies are created perfectly the way nature wanted them each and every time. The fact that we see deformity, and abnormalities in our human form, and the fact that we think we can improve upon our shape and health by pumping ourselves full of all sorts of substances, doesn’t alter the fact that we all come into this world in a perfect state of grace, and we all leave this world in exactly the same way.

With or without human intervention, trees would still grow, the sun would still shine and the winds and rains would still occur in a perfect sense of purpose.

Therefore the purpose of the law of divine order is this, to see that absolutely everything happens for a reason and nothing by chance.

Here’s the main challenge, look upon all the actions on earth as part of a divine plan that has been blue printed in advance by the universal God intelligence, and this intelligence has allowed for multiples of free will outcomes. So instead of seeing certain situations as good or bad, we just see them as information that we can then utilize for future creations. We are in perfect essence right now, and that’s how we chose to be, and how we created ourselves right from the start, which is in the state of perfect grace.

The same goes for everyone around us, and sometimes it can be very difficult when our emotions are involved, but in the world of natural law, especially that of the law of divine order it takes but a fraction of a second for it to recognize everything is perfect in God’s world of divine order.

By not interfering with the way things are, and the way some people are because of the way we were brought up, or the way society wants us to conform. We’re able to work in this world and know that we can leave things as they are, because they are in a state of divine order.

This allows others to more easily connect on a soul level, and lets them discover they as a soul are better than they think from a human understanding. Because if we only give sympathy, pity and empathy, we’ll in effect block the process of them discovering their own divine process.

If we can concentrate on stimulating what is known as the Christ principle, which can be related back to the law of divine order. Because we irrespective of how we assimilate the actions and side effects we see in society, our family, others families and professions, things will be in a state of divine order. We only need to practice “detachment” from our temporary existence as creatures of form on this earth, learn from the lessons of our experience and then identify the balance that lies beneath the experience.

In summing up, here’s an example… If we look upon illness in a human or creature of form as suffering, what we are actually doing is projecting the energy pattern of suffering to continue being active in that individual, as opposed to the energy of being in perfect health or state of grace. This is because we look upon illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and heart disease as a destructive energy.

If only we could refocus outside the socially accepted “norm” and see such events as an opportunity to grow and learn, for the individual with the so called affliction and for ourselves, we’d realize that the chance of greater self-discovery and attunement to our own God force has been right here inside of us all along.

Adam Price is a successful holistic life coach and author around the laws of the universe. Learn how tap into the powerful laws of the universe in your life by visiting:


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      Amen, and so very very true; thank you my friend for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. It is truly appreciated and we love your continued blessings and participation in the Kingdom building work God has called us into. May His blessings be upon you this day in Jesus name, Amen!


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