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Saturday Morning Devotional Service Prayer and Praise (Pray and Believe)

Trust God (Photo by Pastor Davis)

Trust God (Photo by Pastor Davis)


Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so why not pause your busy body and mind, you’re going and coming; go into your prayer closet and pour your heart out before God as you consider your life and where you are in it this day.  God is in the prayer answering business and He wants to answer your prayers and show you how you can live a joyful, peaceful life, and prosper in all you do. Do you Believe?


Three of the most powerful words in Scripture can be found in Matthew 7:7. They are ASK, SEEK and KNOCK.  Do you Believe?

The Bible teaches us that what ever we ASK God for in order for us to receive it we first must believe in order to receive.  Do you Believe?

Here we have an invitation to ask God in prayer for the desires of our heart, to ask and keep on asking, to seek and keep on seeking, to knock and keep on knocking.  Do you Believe?

Know this that wisdom and power for the Christian life will be given to all who earnestly and persistently seek and pray for it. Do you Believe?

Now with our wisdom and understanding, let us lift God up in our Prayers, praises and worship. Let us be persistent in all that we do in the name of His son Jesus.


Now let us all be on one accord as we lift up the Lord in Holy praises…

Oh Lord, my God I bless your Holy name this day, I lift you up in prayer, praise and worship for you are worthy to be praised.  Thank you Lord for the blessings of your Children that have entered into your house of prayer, joined together as one people, for one common purpose to honor you and do your will.


If there is anyone who have not received the saving grace of our Lord and Savior we encourage you to click on this short video clip and pray this prayer with us right now…

We thank each one of you who have taken the time to enter into our virtual house of prayer and praise service this day.  We bless this message to you and pray that you will take it and bless someone else.

Now may the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rest and abide within each one of you as you enter into the next dimension  of your life, in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

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      Thank you my friend for being a true and faithful servant of the Lord. Always going the extra mile to make sure that the Lord’s people are being blessed by His Holy Word. I truly do appreciate all the work you are doing in Helping to build up His Kingdom here on this earth. May He continue to bless you and all that you do in the name of Jesus…


      Thank you my friend for your faithful to the Kingdom of God. May His blessings be upon you in a mighty powerful way as you walk into your divine destiny. Do have an awesome weekend, and don’t forget to return tomorrow for our Sunday Prayer, praise and worship service, all done to the glory of the Lord and in the name of Jesus…

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