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The journey of the resurrection did not end on Easter Sunday



English: Resurrection of Christ

English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to scripture Jesus fellowship and gave his chosen followers final instructions as he promised. Remember, he said in three days he would return, keeping his promise.  Easter day is a time of celebration, but do we continue the celebration according to the pattern of Jesus, do we strive to follow in his foot-steps by observing how he shared final acts of love until he returns.

Jesus didn’t leave the same day he resurrected; after his death, he presented himself alive to his disciples in many different settings over a period of forty days. He talked to them face-to-face about things concerning the kingdom of God. So, the journey is not ended with Easter Sunday,we are given hope and encouragement to continue the same mission required of his disciples and other followers.

As they sat and talked he told them to “wait” for the promise, the Holy Spirit and when it comes they would be filled with power to accomplish even greater things. These were his last words. As they watched, he was taken up and disappeared in the clouds. Standing there gazing into the sky two men appeared–in white robes, they asked “why do you stand there looking up at an empty sky? This very Jesus who was taken up from among you to heaven will come as certainly–and mysterious –as he left.” (Acts 1:1-14)

Christians every-where who’ve taken time to study, learn and listen, are quiet familiar with what occurred following Jesus’ ascent to the Father. The point is that as we study we come to the knowledge and understanding that Jesus didn’t leave the same day he resurrected. There was a promise to fulfill and that promise would come to be known as the “Upper Room Experience.” The disciples and women who had been close followers of Jesus agreed that they were in this for good, completely in prayer, united, all on one accord.

The “Upper Room Experience” occurred while every-one had gathered in prayer in one place. Scripture describes it as such; without warning there was a sound like a strong wind, a gale force–no one could tell where it came from. Stop and think for a moment, when-ever you experience presence of wind, I’ll say on a windy day, look around, feel the breeze of the wind as it moves from one point to another, you’re not able to distinguish it’s pattern.  In the “upper room experience, as the force surrounded those gathered, it filled the whole building , then like a wild fire, the Holy Spirit touched each person there and they were so filled (the energy force) that they started speaking in many different languages as the Spirit prompted them.

The promise had arrived with joy, anointing and high praise just as Jesus had promised.

Jesus didn’t leave the same day he resurrected because there were finishing touches to be added and reaffirmation of love to be shared that would seal the final moments of his earthly journey. We continue on in that journey with assurance that he watches over us and has given the Holy Spirit to strengthen and encourage our hearts as we continue to blend his pattern by following his instructions in living. Our journey continues until he comes back to claim his own. Let us all consider the “upper room experience” and we will soon understand that “power” surrounds us at all times.


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  1. Ola, amigo pastor Davis, concordo plenamente com o irmão em seu blog, temos mesmo que comemorar a pascoa todos os dias, na verdade a pascoa ou PESSACH, que significa “passagem” em hebraico, e a saida da igreja desta escravidão (mundo) para nosso lar, junto com Jesus.. que Deus te abençoe meu irmão. Pr. Luiz


      Pr.Luiz, obrigado por que a palavra da verdade. Nada é mais importante do que entender o que a palavra nos ensina em nossa celebração da ressurreição de nosso Senhor e Salvador Jesus Cristo. Eu realmente aprecio você tomar o tempo para compartilhar com todos nós seus pensamentos sobre esta mensagem muito importante. Seja abençoado meu amigo como você anda em seu destino divino inclinando-se e, dependendo Jesus, Amém!

  2. ola pr. Davis, com relação a pascoa, creio da mesma forma como foi apresentado em seu blog, entendo que a pascoa=passagem temos que comemorar todos os dias, o ap Paulo disse: vivamos o dia de hoje como Jesus voltasse amanhã..se entendermos que a nossa “passagem” e esta, devemos estarmos preparados hoje, pois Jesus ira nos buscar amanha… como foi no Egito com Moises, assim sera a nossa passagem, a nossa pascoa.. fique na paz de Cristo..seu irmão do Brasil.. Pr. Luiz da igreja Assembleia de Deus Despertai. (Sou pastor e advogado aqui no Brasil)


      Obrigado meu amigo para compartilhar essa poderosa palavra da verdade. Que todos nós possamos aprender a lição valiosa de caminhar nas pegadas de Jesus diárias. Esta lição Paulo nos ensinou a respeito da Páscoa e da ressurreição foi e é um dos mais valiosa lição que todos nós podemos aprender. Vamos estar em paz uns com os outros, pois vivemos no corpo de Jesus Cristo, partilhando o nosso amor e alegria por tudo que Ele tem feito por nós diariamente. Agora tem um dia abençoado e próspero que sair o seu propósito em nome de Jesus, Amém!

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family! May the power of Christ Resurrection continue to rest and shine on your life. Blessings!


      Good Morning my friend so good to here from you and I thank you for the visit and sharing your thoughts with us this morning. God has been good to us and has truly blessed us this Easter with life health and strength. May God continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus name…


    Thank you for connecting with us and sharing this message with all those that the Lord has sent to follow your teaching. May you be blessed in all that you do as you walk into your divine destiny…

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