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Who is the betrayer at the dinner table?

 (MARK 14:17-20 AMP)



My brothers and sisters, this week allows us to go deep within ourselves and reflect upon that awesome moment in history that Jesus took upon His shoulders the agony of being beaten, humiliated in every way possible, suffering while being nailed and hanged upon a cross for all of our sins in order that we may have the opportunity to enjoy eternal life that God the father promised and sent His Son Jesus to die for.

Now use your imagination and image yourselves sitting down at the dinner table with family and friends and eating a well prepared meal as you discuss the family problems and current events which are suppose to be a very enjoyable moment.  Then image yourself not having the benefit of spiritual insight to know that one of your family members have been plotting behind your back to kill the head of your family, what would be your immediate reaction?  In the case of Jesus and His twelve disciples this is exactly what happen.

On that evening (Wednesday or Thursday), Jesus arrived in Jerusalem with the twelve disciples.  The meal was not to be eaten until after sunset and was supposed to be finished by midnight.

However, as Jesus and His Disciples were eating, Jesus spoke the stunning words, that quickly got the attention of everyone sitting around the dinner table that evening.  Jesus said, “One of you will betray me.”  The betrayer was one of his own chosen twelve disciples, a member of his own family, one with whom the meal was being shared.  Jesus words caused quite a stir among the disciples.  They had heard Jesus tell them three different times that he would soon die, but that one of them would actually betray Jesus saddened them greatly.

Although the other disciples were confused by Jesus words, Judas knew what he meant.  Apparently, Judas was not the obvious betrayer.  After all, he was the one the disciples trusted to keep the money.  Therefore, the disciples asked Jesus who the betrayer was; “I’m not the one, am I?” each one asked in turn.  Matthew records that even Judas asked the same question (Matthew 26:25).  Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him, and he also knew that Judas would not repent.

In our studies we find that Luke wrote this about Satan, he said Satan entered into Judas Iscariot before he went to the religious leaders.  However, Satan’s part in the betrayal of Jesus does not remove any of the responsibility from Judas.  In God’s sovereign will and according  to his timetable, he uses sinful men.  But that doesn’t excuse their sin.  All people will be held accountable for their choices and actions.  Whatever Judas thought, Satan assumed that Jesus death would end Jesus mission and thwart God’s plan.  Like Judas, Satan did not know that Jesus death and resurrection were the most important parts of God’s plan all along.

All I can say in conclusion, is that this had to be one hellish feeling in the gut of each family member sitting around the dinner table that night knowing that one of them would betray the head of their family in such an evil way.


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  1. In fact, I can not be so quiet like Jesus. The feeling of being betrayed is so awful. Though I care about the person, I can not fully trust the person.

    • Jesus is indeed a good example.


        Yes, yes, yes, the greatest example of all times, and the only thing we need to do is to set the stage in our own lives for others to follower and be thy an example as servants doing the will of God and He will bless us and lift us higher than our minds could ever image being lifted. Thank you my friend for sharing your thoughs on this very special occasion. May you receive the great abundance of the Lord’s prosperity that He has prepared just for you in Jesus name, Amen!


      Jesus gave us the perfect example of humility; humble yourself in the face of a hostile act and seek the Lord’s forgiveness over the person life, for they know not what they are doing. Put it in the hands of the Lord and put on the whole armor of protection. Let the Lord fight the enemy for you. Jesus trusted the Father to protect Him, we must trust Jesus to protect us. The enemy can’t do us no harm when we are leaning, depending and trusting the Lord for protection and to fight our battles for us. Be Encourage, be strong and courageous for the battle is never to the strong nor the fastest person, but to those who have the patience to endure the trials and tribulations of this life, doing in the name of Jesus who can do all things but fail.

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