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Wednesday Inspirational and Motivational Service (Stop making but God excuses)


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My Brothers and Sisters, today’s lesson offers you an opportunity to look deep into your soul and examine yourself with a critical eye upon your qualifications to serve out your purpose on this earth.

What is it that is holding you back from moving forward when God has called you to “GO?”  Are you examining yourself using your predetermined list of negatives which you feel will disqualify you in the eyes of God?  By so doing, you can always say, “BUT GOD” “I am not qualified to stand before your people and preached the gospel, “BUT GOD,” I am not qualified to be a missionary leader. “BUT GOD,” I am not qualified to be a Sunday School Teacher,

“BUT GOD,” I am not qualified to sing in the choir.  “BUT GOD,” I am not qualified for such a position in that great company, “BUT GOD,” I am not qualified to start my own business.  “BUT GOD,” I am not qualified to do this or do that.

“BUT GOD,” “BUT GOD,” “BUT GOD,” please don’t send me, send somebody else, [you cry out loud,] and your list of “BUT GOD,” gets longer and longer, do you not understand that before God called you, He had already determined your qualifications for services in His Kingdom.  So why do you continue to make excuses before God?

You are a created being, created in the image of God, with the character of God to fulfill your purpose and the purpose for what God created you for while you are alive and living in this earth at this moment and time.  You are never too young and you are never too old.   It is your time to do what’s right and pleasing in God’s sight.  By continuing to offer up your “BUT GOD,” excuses, you are wasting valuable time which you can never gain back.  When God calls you, He will never give up on you, He will never leave or forsake you, nor will he put on you more than you can bear.  God never makes a mistake, and He knows just what he is doing.

This concludes this portion of our “BUT GOD’ lesson. We will begin our Easter Story of Moses, a reluctant warrior with his own “BUT GOD’ starting tomorrow morning. Here is how the story begins; In this EASTER STORY, MOSES was a reluctant servant when God called upon him to go down to EGYPT and bring HIS people up out of SLAVERY.  At the very moment God called on MOSES, he begin to offer up to God his list of “BUT GOD” excuses.

By Moses initial reactions and his uses of “BUT GOD “excuses, you would not be alone in your reluctant to except God’s calling you out to GO.


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  1. Speaking of Egypt, you might like to read this post below. A few years ago, I was hitchhiking in Wyoming and this Christian woman picked me up and told me a dream that she had about Egypt.

    “A Dream About Egypt”


      Thank you my friend for visiting with us today and sharing your thoughts. I did visit your ministry and read this amazing story. I left my thoughts with you there. Be Encouraged in your walk with the Lord for He is making your pathway straight and prosperous as you walk into your divine destiny in Jesus name, Amen!

  2. We love to make excuses don’t we?


      Oh yes, and the question becomes; when are we going to learn that excuses never have and never will earn us anything? Thank you my friend for sharing your thoughts with us, and may God bless you, your family and ministry as you walk out into your divine destiny in Jesus name, Amen!

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