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Living in our SEASON and time, allows us the opportunity to pause our WORLDLY THOUGHTS, and center our MINDS on the awesome beauty of God’s magnificent creation.

Today, I present to you “REFLECTIONS,” off such beauty as it was seen through the lens of my camera. I encourage each of you to take a few moments of your most precious time and allow your thoughts to abide in the mind of God as He created all things, as He saw them to be.

Things are not always the way we see them with our physical eyesight, but when we look at God’s marvelous creation through our SPIRITUAL LENS, all things become different. So, come with me today on this journey as we journey deep into the forest and experience the beauty of Mother Nature’s streams, lakes, rivers, and the awesome power of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a short video presentation, so please take the time and watch the entire presentation. You will be blessed, I can assure you of your NEW SPIRITUAL AWAKEN. It is simply called, “REFLECTIONS!”

Thank you my brothers and sisters for reading and studying with us and watching our videos. May God add a blessing to all that you do, now and always, in Jesus name, Amen!

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  1. Praise the Lord for “Spiritual Lens”.


      Thank you my friend and may eyes be open, ears made to here and the glory of the Lord shine everywhere. May His peace and blessings be upon you always…

  2. Beautiful… Nautre ,sunsets and sunrises are my inspriations for writing about the glory of His creation. One blog I wrote “For just 5 Minutes” is how Crist defeated depression in my life through His creation. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.


      My friend, you are welcome for He truly an awesome God as you have been a witness to His amazing powers in your own life so much so, that you can now share the truth with so many others who are willing to let Him in, open themselves up, stand on their faith and allow God to show them the way. Thank you for this powerful testimony. May God keep on blessing you over and over as you live out your purpose and walk into your divine destiny in Jesus name, Amen!

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