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Being Persistent pays off


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My Brothers and Sisters, know that you are winners.  God chose you to be winners in this world.  He created you for greatness and he instilled in you the art of being persistence.  Over the course of a life time you lost much of the greatness that God had provided to you.  The world beat you down and told you that you were not good enough to have all that God had provided for you.  But the Lord has never given up on you, he knows just how difficult it has been for you to make it in this world, so God has sent me as one of His servant’s to tell you it is time to rise up and “BE PERSISTENT” at obtaining your desired goals in this life.  Your dreams are real and the Lord wants to take you higher than you have ever imaged that you come fly. It is flight time and you must suit up and get ready to achieve the VICTORY!

Now click on this video clip to receive your instructions for the “PERSISTENT FLIGHT!”




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You are marvelously made in the image and likeness of God, now grab hold of your identity and stop allowing the devil to fool you into believing that you are less a person than God has created you to be.  Be Bold in your actions, be strong and be of good courage, for the Lord is with you in your walk into your Divine Destiny.  Take charge, and “BE PERSISTENT!”

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