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Time to Free your Mind and Live Free (Part 3)

POWER OF FLIGHT (Photo by Pastor Davis)

POWER OF FLIGHT (Photo by Pastor Davis)


You are the ruler of your life, you are the head and not the tail; you have awesome power given to you by the maker and creator of this world.  “No man holds power over you but the one you give to hold such power” And when you are ready to make the change and your determination is so great that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to be the true ruler of your life, the new person in you will show up and provide you with unlimited power to take flight, and nothing nor no one can stop you from rising to take your place in this world of great abundance.

Remember, in the past you have allowed yourself to live in captivity, with your mind in bondage, you were drug down, step on, and the invisible yoke of bondage put around your neck, and the heavy bondage of life worries placed upon your back.  The thief came in the front door and stole all the love and joy away from you.

You were unable to hold onto your job, your husband or wife walked out on you, your children, family and friends all seem to give up on you.  You begin to live with misery and pain, the whole world seem to be caving in on you, and there seen to be nowhere to turn are no one to turn to and therefore all your earthly goods and everything that you had perceived as good was stolen away from you.

But there was one who was still waiting for you to call out His name, because He had promised you that He would never leave you nor forsake you, nor would He ever put on you more than you could bear.  His name is Jesus, He was still carrying you when everyone else had knocked you down, stepped on you and scandalized your name.

You must learn to thank Him and praise His Holy name during the good times and when trouble comes upon you, things will not seem quite so difficult.

This concludes part 3 of “TIME TO FREE YOUR MIND AND LIVE FREE!” We will continue this discussion in our Monday’s Word of Encouragement.  Please visit us tomorrow morning for our Saturday Morning Devotional Prayer and Praise Service, and again on Sunday for our Sunday Morning Prayer Praise and Worship Service 106

Thank you for studying with us throughout this week.  Now may the Lord’s blessings be upon each of you as you prepare for your day of rest and praising the Lord.

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