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Living the Post Christmas Blues (God will provide)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, my post Christmas Message for each of you is to know that the Lord has your back, and what ever difficulties you may face, just remember, He is working it out for you.  He promised you that he would never put on you more than you can bare, nor would he leave you nor forsake you in moments of despair.  For nothing is to hard for God, just learn to trust him, and then lean and depend on Him, he will take you places that you can only begin to imagine.  Now allow the Lord’s peace to come upon you and his abundant love fill your heart with joy, now step aside and watch him work.

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  1. Consider the Jews. They don’t have the emotional problems that Christians have, as it relates to their High Holy Days. Their beginning of year does not carry the depression that January 1 does for Christians. Hanukkah is not a down day for Jews, as Christmas is for many Christian and nonbelievers. We should look to God, and not to any particular day of the year. Please keep up the good work. God is with you.


      Thank you my friend for sharing your great insight and wisdom of what is truth. This is why the Bible teaches us in John 8:32 to know the truth and the truth will set us FREE. God provides us with Knowledge of all things providing we are willing to take the time to understand and except His truth of what is…Be blessed my friend and again thank you for sharing…


      Thank you my friend, may you enjoy all the peace and blessings that the Lord set before you in this coming New Year. We love you and appreciate you for your faithful service to the Lord…

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