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Be Persistent

My Brothers and Sisters as we begin this week and move closer towards the end of the year, I want to encourage you to “Be Persistent” and you will achieve your desired goals that you have established for yourselves, your families and your Ministries.  It is so important that you remain focus on what God has set in front of you.  Always remembering that God never gives you a task to complete without first fully equipping you with the necessary tools to complete that task.

Therefore, you must “Be Persistent at whatever you desire to achieve in this life.  Time is short, use every minute of everyday to achieve your desired results.  Now read and study carefully Matthews 15:22-28, and listen carefully to the message on this video, it will help you to understand what you must do…


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  1. Timely message, Persistence and focus are essential in trying to for-fill any dream or vision in life. I needed this shot in my faith this morning because I was getting weary pursuing my dreams. Thanks my friend for the ability to abide and sound the alarm to resurrect my hope.


      We know for certain that God is in the blessing business, and He blesses those who blesses others, and I am blessed to know that you have received your blessing from the Word of God. Now go forth by friend and share with all those who have ears to hear and a heart to listen, for God has given us this golden opportunity to live in the moment and be filled with His love and peace. Thank you my brother for being faithful to the building of the Kingdom of God.

  2. Very well said Brother. Thank you for the very encouraging words. May the Lord bless you this holiday season!


      Thank you so very much my dear brother, and the same back to you and your family…

  3. I so needed to hear this. Thank you for this message Pastor.


      You are so welcome my brother, and may the Lord’s peace be with you in all that you do as you walk out your purpose doing His will…

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