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Preparing for Spiritual Warfare (LESSON 7)

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Preparing for Spiritual Warfare (LESSON 7)

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Be still and let God have His way with you…

My Brothers and Sisters, today we continue with lesson 7 on Preparing for Spiritual Warfare by encouraging you to let go and let God have His way with you as you prepare to take back what the old devil has taken away from you.

You see God wants to use you, but you have made it difficult for him by being involved in satin’s games. When you are out just walking around, you can discover God all around you.


Walk to the edge of a wooded area.  Now examine the trees, the leaves on and off the trees, the plants and flower buds.  You will begin to discover the present of God in all things.  Be still for a moment and listen to the sounds coming from the forest.  You are hearing this God’s voice.  The Bible tells us that we have eyes to see, but we are blind and cannot see the forest for looking at the trees.  We have ears to hear, but we are dull at hearing, that is because satin has stolen our physical strength and we are unable to see are communicate with God.

The Spirit of God, flows freely through the universe and when you are at peace with God, that is, when you are physically in his present, relaxed, and quietness is upon you, you are now in a position for him to speak to you.  Let him in and allow him to have his way with you and he will build your physical strength in ways you only have dreamed.

Now feel the wind pressing against your face.  You can’t touch it, but it can touch you.  It can cool you down or warm you up.  It can sing or even blow the rain.  It has awesome powers, unforeseen powers. The air is something you can’t be without.  You must breathe it, in order to survive.  This is God’s breath breathing new life into your lungs, cleansing you from inside out, giving you a renewed spirit because you dared satin when you stop becoming a couch potato.

Step outside and begin to regain your physical strength.  Let go and let God have his way with you.  When you do, he will rebuild you physically.  You automatically will began to regain your physical strength and shed some of those pounds because God is now physically strengthen you to overcome the valves of satin and preparing you for the spiritual warfare that lies ahead of you.




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