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Today, as we begin studying this lesson pause your thoughts for a moment and think deeply on how blessed you are to be right where you are this moment in time. Now understand that all of our blessings are a gift from God, learning to recognize the vastness of his love and generosity enables us to find pleasure in praise and thanksgiving as we show gratitude and appreciation; each hurdle triumphed, is reason enough to be thankful, in so doing, WE SHOULD CONSIDER OURSELVES BLESSED AND FAVORED.

 Jesus taught many principles about blessings and by following the pattern we are able to grasp the light that leads us form moments of darkness we sometimes face, to the brightness of his glory.


Jesus says, “You’re blessed when you’ve lost it all, God’s kingdom is there for the finding. You’re blessed when tears flow freely, (Matthew 5:3-12, MGS) joy comes in the morning. Every time someone cuts you down, smears and blackens your name,” count it all joy. Many sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ have been treated with acts of hate due to ignorance or lack of will on the part of others to understand the pattern, its true meaning. To those who are able to grasp the richness of it all, I can truly say, WE SHOULD CONSIDER OURSELVES BLESSED AND FAVORED.


Following the pattern is not without sacrifice in this earthly journey, trouble is all around and where-ever we find ourselves,  we must  remember to stay focused, keep our eyes on the prize, because we’re in a race for our very souls. If you are satisfied with yourself, without presence of the Holy Spirit in your life; your “self” will not satisfy you for long. Living for approval of others, doing what indulges them is as if you’re in a contest to win favor, remember our task is to be true, not popular. WE SHOULD CONSIDER OURSELVES BLESSED AND FAVORED, once we’ve made the choice and sacrifice to share in the “promise” which is available to all who are hungry, seeking truth and righteousness.


Sometimes we may find ourselves drifting like the wind, avoiding our true selves while the gentle voice of Jesus whispers, ‘come to me, surrender, give up the fight, lift your eyes toward the heavens my child, you are the love of my life,’ then WE SHOULD CONSIDER OURSELVES BLESSED AND FAVORED.

 Stir up the gift of life that is within, and let go of theold order, disobedience, mistrust, spiritual disorder-malice, envy, hurtful talk/attitudes. Take hold of the new order, rebuild, renew, and respond to the offer of “Unconditional Love.”

Blessings are a Gift from God which should encourage each of us to allow the Spirit to be our guide wherein we become alert, alive, listening, agreeable, loveable, and humble, filled with compassion. We SHOULD CONSIDER OURSELVES BLESSED AND FAVORED.

When your faith kicks in and your mind has conceived these thoughts, then you will understand just how blessed and favored you really are at this moment in time. You come into the full knowledge and understanding, that it was nothing but Gods’ grace and mercy that has allowed you to be in this place at this very moment.


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