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God is Light photo by Shirley Rhodes

God is Light photo by Shirley Rhodes

WRITTEN BY SHIRLEY RHODES                     


In today’s lesson, I set before you a very important question to ponder, and that question is; What Are You” Really” Willing to Sacrifice for the price that has been paid for your FREEDOM?  Pride, distrust, envy, hatred, anger, lack of commitment, and unwillingness to love those who strive against you in every way are just a few of the obstacles encountered in life, even when up against such odds, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Deciding to step out or move forth requires an in creditable amount of will power and self-discipline, much more than many of us are able to envision in our minds. Making sacrifices requires us to rethink our own agenda, knowing that in life there are no quick fixes. Jesus made that sacrifice in order for us to see and understand that it is possible to reroute the way we think in terms of our daily lives. It is the mission of “the Dark One” to create in each of us self-doubt and when we surrender control or our will we find ourselves on loosing grounds, where we become like a rubber band stretched and pulled so that there is no more room to expand.

So, the question is, What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?

First of all you must be willing to admit that you are not your own, we are all sinners saved by grace. To sacrifice your will or desire to get to know more about Christ and his many teachings will become one of the greatest accomplishments of your life.

We live as mortal beings, yet we are spiritual, awareness brings about enlighten and we come into that knowledge by submission and change of attitude, no longer conditioned by how the world dictate who and whose we are.

A  New Day Photo by Shirley Rhodes

A New Day Photo by Shirley Rhodes

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?  In Christ we become new creatures with meaning and purpose, willing to surrender our lives to a Savior who patiently waits. Admitting that we are sinners and in need of salvation is a start, acceptance, and total surrender of our lives brings us into an intimate relationship with Christ. We set aside “sacred moments” to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to our needs, learning to live in expectancy.

We must remember that God is not someone we bargain  with; think of your relationship with your parents as a child, how you trusted them in all innocence, or your children dependence on you to meet their needs; Christ is the spiritual connection that brings wholeness, a sense of direction, and is the supplier of all that we need.

Knowing and trusting God to guide you as you journey places you under grace, when its sin verses grace, grace wins. Sin threatens us with death and that’s it. Grace, through Jesus gives us life that is never ending (Romans 5: 20-21).  This means you must not give sin a vote in the way you conduct your lives.

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice? A relationship in Jesus gives us freedom; you’re living in the freedom of God when you surrender in obedience to the will of the Father for your life.

What Are You Willing to Sacrifice?  It is well worth the sacrifice to allow the Holy Spirit to come into your life and learn in obedience the way of Jesus, follow the pattern he has so graciously left in place for all of us to follow. Always keep his teachings at the forefront of your spiritual mind and you will journey this life in peace no matter the obstacles.


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