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Today, we want you to learn to use your imagination and stop living without the desires of your heart and placing limitations on your life.  Yes we understand that in this world today, people are filled with anxious desires to overcome their present lot in life. Anxieties are running deep in their veins, being faced with much lack of everything that this world has to offer and in their heart of hearts not being able to have the basics necessaries that GOD has promised to them that love and believe in the LORD.  Nevertheless, I say to all the people, know that GOD never makes a promise that he will not fulfill.  Just hold onto God’s unchanging hands and your storehouse will never be bare.  You see, God has provided the world with all the necessary things for man’s survival in this world.

Your Imagination is the greatest tool that God has provided to you in order to help you obtain any desire you may have.  Learning to use your imagination properly is the job of each individual.  Therefore, today we set before this video clip as a starting point to help you expand your thought process that it may stir up the many gifts that God has already provided for you.  All you have to do is click on it watch and listen and let it move you into action.  “DO IT NOW!”


We thank you for taking the time to study this valuable lesson with us today, and we seek God for His Blessings over your life, the life of your families and your ministries.  Never give up, never give in, the race is not to the one who can run the fastest, nor the one who is the strongest, but it is won by the one who can endure the trials and tribulations that are set out in front of them by showing love, patience, understanding and always willing to go the extra mile.

Please visit our home page and video channel for more in depth study on this subject and the many subjects we teach here daily.  Just click on any one of the links below or you can email me personally and I will respond back to you personally.  “BE BLESSED AND LIVE IN PEACE!”

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