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Pastor Davis Before the Throne of Grace

Pastor Davis Before the Throne of Grace

Paul’s message to all of us is simply this, “WE AS PREACHERS MUST PREACH JESUS!”  He says, “You’ll remember, friends, that when I first came to you to let you in on God’s master stroke, I didn’t try to impress you with polished speeches and the latest philosophy. I deliberately kept it plain and simple: first Jesus and who he is; then Jesus and what he did—Jesus crucified.            (1 Corinthians 2:1-2 MSG)

This is how Paul preached his message of Jesus to the church of Corinth.  It is a well taught lesson that we all as preachers, teachers and ministers of the gospel must take to heart and stand before the throne of grace and speak truth to power.

Too many of us have just become feel good preachers, using whatever technique it takes to get the people out of their seats and hollowing and shouting, making them feel good for the moment, without any knowledge are understanding of what we are preaching about, other than that they feel good at the moment.  Jesus has been left out of the entire reason for the sermon in the first place.

I can personally say that personal testimony often opens the door for audiences to listen when any other approach would meet deaf ears.  Paul opened himself to the people with broken heart.  They knew his preaching style.  Certainly it was not marked with human wisdom or style.  Only the subject mattered: telling people about God.  Preaching does not center on personal abilities or personal experiences.  Preaching goes right to the cross and preaches how Jesus died for you.  Don’t spend time arguing about human style or leadership.  Tell people about Jesus, and thank Jesus for what He did for you.

Now I ask you this question, “what does preaching show off?   I say to you, too many people want it to demonstrate the latest techniques of eloquence or the latest findings of scholarship and archaeology.  Gospel preaching shows something else.  Focus fades from the preacher.  Spotlight comes up on the Spirit and His power to persuade.  Preaching points beyond the preacher to the One preached.  Why?  Because faith in the preacher leads only to disappointment and weakness, Faith must be in God and His power.

Surely, preaching involves wisdom.  No one wants to hear something that makes no sense and leads to no purpose.  Preaching has its own kind of wisdom, a wisdom that leads you away from any person and leads you to God.  This wisdom shows you no human achievement.  It concentrates on God’s achievement:  God has fulfilled His purposes in Jesus Christ.  Worldly study and worldly wisdom would never know this.  Worldly wisdom crucifies ChristGod’s wisdom proclaims Christ.  Only a person to whom God has revealed His secrets, His mysteries, will know it.  That person must preach God’s wisdom, not human wisdom.

What lessons have you as a preacher or teacher of the gospel learned, that can better help focus the people’s attention on Jesus as opposed to yourself, as you are standing before God’s people and preaching His Holy Word?  Do you always preach Jesus, are do you preach the short feel good message?

What lessons have you as a hearer and or doer of the word learned from listening to us preachers preach the gospel, that disappoints you the most are lifts you higher to praise and worship that will better help us to understand how you are feeling when those of us are preaching Jesus as opposed to those of us who are preaching a feel good message that only last until you walk out of the door?

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  1. Shirley Rhodes

    Beautiful lesson, we are all truly blessed when connected to the source, that source is Jesus. To know him gives us freedom like no other. Amen! Blessings!
    Shirley R.

  2. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus. Here is a favorite song of mine: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmm6EQWHS0o&w=420&h=315%5D


  3. Hallelujah! Jesus is the basis of the gospel. Therefore it is impossible to preach the gospel without mentioning Jesus.

  4. Reblogged this on Loopyloo's and commented:
    When you preach Jesus you welcome Him in, when you preach something else, who knows what will enter. Keep the focus on the Lord above all! Thank you Pastor Davis, wonderful word!

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