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Today in Newtown, Connecticut the bells ringed 26 times, one for each victim that lost their lives in the

Church Bell rings in honor of the lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

Church Bell rings in honor of the lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

tragedy shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School one week ago today.  The nation paused in silence to honor these victims and pray for their families in hope that nothing like this will ever take place in our nation again.

Now listen to what the word tells us this morning, it begins by saying these words, “Listen Heavens, I have something to tell you; Attention Earth, I’ve got a mouth full of words. My teachings; let it fall like a gentle rain, my words arrive like morning dew; like a sprinkling rain on new grass, like spring showers on the garden. God is The Rock; His works are perfect, the way he works is fair and just (Deuteronomy 32:1-5 MSG)!”


Grief is a process we all experience at some point in life, making adjustments in what we see as a crisis in the moment will someday; at a given moment in time,   become a memory. When we lose someone we love it can be a traumatic experience, our thoughts become an emotional roller-coaster and at that moment we aren’t sure anyone understand what we are feeling even if they seem to care and understand.

At first there is the feeling of shock and separation, and then we may experience denial, protecting ourselves until we are sure that we are ready to accept the fact. There’s sadness, confusion, anger, uncertainty at first and then finally acceptance, (though not necessarily in that sequence), emotions we must deal with sooner or later. When we allow ourselves to grieve, we give room for healing and that process includes a time of release. So, for those who experience loss of a love one, know that it is okay to cry and grieve your losses but never give up hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Pray for strength and hope through turbulent times allowing faith to work its perfect work. Whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive (Matthew 21:22)

Moment of Silence

Moment of Silence (Photo credit: ~FreeBirD®~)

It’s true that no one knows what’s going to happen, or when; who’s around to tell us? No one can control the wind or lock it in a box. No one has any say so regarding the day of death; No one can stop a battle in its tracks; No one who does evil can be saved by evil. As long as men and women have power to hurt each other, this is the way it is. I’m still convinced that the good life is reserved for the person who fears God, who lives reverently in his presence, and the evil person will not experience the good life no matter how many days he live, they’ll be flat and colorless as a shadow–because he does not fear God.

I realize that if you keep your eyes open day and night without blinking you’ll never figure out the meaning of what God is doing on this earth. The good, the wise, and all they do are in God’s hands–but day by day, whether love or hate they’re dealing with, they don’t know. Everyone is lumped together in one fate; Life leads to death, that’s it (Ecclesiastes 8:7-17; 9: 1-6 MGS).

The race is not always to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong,Nor satisfaction to the wise,Nor riches to the smart, Nor grace to the learned, sooner or later bad luck hits us all (11).  We face each day, each moment not knowing our fate and that’s how. When the Chapter Ends.  Now pause for a moment, click on this video clip and let’s listen together to the music in a Moment of Silence when a chapter of life ends.


Therefore, on this day the nation pauses for a Moment of Silence to remember the children and their teachers who were slaughtered at this same time a week ago.  Let us always live in the remembrances of all of our children that has lost their lives to gun violence and that we must always live in,  “A MOMENT OF SILENCE WHEN A CHAPTER OF LIFE ENDS!”

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