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Look down from heaven and see, from your holy and beautiful habitation. Where are your zeal and your might? The stirring of your inner parts and your compassionate held back from me. (Isaiah 63:15 ESV)  Now let us all pray!

All across the Nation this Sunday Morning, many prayers will be sent up to our Heavenly Father, seeking His blessings over the families that are suffering and grieving over the tragedy that took place in their community.  So many young and innocent lives taken for no good reason and we know and understand that when a single member of our body feels pain, the entire body and all its members feels the same pain.  We as a nation feel the pain of the Mothers and Fathers who lost their little angles in this tragedy.  Because in essence, their angels were our angels, when someone does harm to one of our angels they do harm to all of us.

All of us should be morally out raged at what has taken place, but use this day, this time and place where ever you may be as an opportunity to lift the name of God our Heavenly Father up in praise, worshiping God and serving Him with all your heart and soul.  Let this day be a day that our moral outrage be expressed in love and solidarity with our brothers and sister.  Jesus said, whatsoever you bound up here on earth, He would bound up the same in Heaven.

Children of God, let us all understand, much prayer is needed from each one of us.  We must learn how to pray for each other, with our hearts filled with love and joy for our fellowman.  We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Although there are many evil spirits that are dwelling among us, never the less, we must not be discouraged, are become evil and hateful ourselves despite the evil and harm that has been done against us or our family and friends.  In the mist of trials and tribulations let us learn to turn it all over to God.  He can and will fight our battles for us.  Hold onto God’s unchanging hands.  Because, this too shall pass, know that God is love and He wants us to learn how to truly love one another with that same loving spirit that He has shown to each one of us.

bokeh christmas lights

bokeh christmas lights (Photo credit: Joseph West Photography)

We realize that our Christmas lights will not shine as bright this Christmas in our homes and our hearts, because each one of us as a parent has lost an angle that has resided in us, and that is Ok, because it will force us to think more deeply on the real reason for this season, and that in reality is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our Children, family and friends can now be drawn closer to us, because we have been given the opportunity to express our love to them in a deeper and more profound way, as God has commanded us to do so, with the realization that we are all God’s children and God does not bring suffering to His Children, but showers them with love, patience, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  Now let us learn from our Father in Heaven, and do the same with those that we love, those that have been trusted into our care for a short time.

This tragedy has already dimmed the Christmas Lights, which is the spirit in our soul, all over the Nation and around the World for this Christmas Season.  However, it will not take away our joy, no matter how much pain we may feel, and suffering we may undergo.  We will love each other, embrace each other, comfort each other and teach our children how to survive and sustain themselves in the mist of any and all tragedy.  These are teachable moments as well as moments to learn how to live a more healthy and prospers life, because we know that despite how hard the devil tries to destroy and kill us, we have a protector in Jesus and He has assured us, that this too shall pass and we will grow stronger in Jesus Christ day by day. It is now time for prayer, praise and worship.  Come on in make yourself comfortable and spend some quality time with us as we lift God up in some soul stirring prayer and worship. Just click on this video clip and prepare to be blessed this day as you get your praise on.

Now just lift up your holy hands and say praise God, thank you Jesus. I feel good this morning. Click this next video and let us listen to my friend, Bishop Paul S. Morton as he blesses you this morning.

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  1. Shirley Rhodes

    Let us remember to give time, attention, care and love to those we encounter as we journey this day. Remembering that through our heartfelt prayers we lift each other up in such a time as this. Jesus has taught us how to live and care for each other, a simple smile or a gentle hug could make all the difference in a persons’ life, especially when faced with circumstances that can seem so demanding. Take a moment to find a place of quietness and pray for those whom have lost so much. May we all be blessed this day.
    Shirley Rhodes

  2. The enemy may dim our Christmas lights, but the Star of David shines forever.

    Thanks for sharing Pastor. God blesses.

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