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By Shirley Rhodes

In this world, we grow up, stand up, rise up and face the many challenges that the storms of life present to us on a daily basics.  Our limited knowledge and understanding of the storms of life tells us to be prepared, for the storms of life are going to come, whether the storms are personal or natural, they are certain to move us from our comfort zones.

It is a fact storms will come in such a way that those things or ways of life that are familiar to us may be affected.  Being in our comfort zones helps us to feel safe and secure; we don’t really have to get involved unless it is our desire to do so. For many people, going outside their comfort zones can seem scary, when in all actuality, outside of our comfort zones is where the energy is, the connectingpoints. In view of this


recent week’s storm event, many find themselves outside of their comfort zones. For many it is a time of emotional and physical interruption. Many may feel anger, anxiety, fear and despair. It is  such times as these it seems that storms of life, personal or natural moves us from our comfort zones, what was routine and familiar have become disrupted, always remember “this too shall pass.” Yesterday the storm came and all was dark, dismal and chaos, today the skies are once again blue and you begin the journey of rebuilding.

God is our provider, strong hold, nurturer and anything else we are in need of; he is the light source from which we are re-energized, refueled and able to anchor (take hold of) to weather the storm in all situations and circumstances.  Those of us who share in the mission of Jesus Christ (the pattern) let us be diligent in prayer and service in time of need. Simple acts of kindness, reassuring thoughts are valuable in such a time as this. Rebuilding is a process and it takes time and effort, but it has and can be done. Jesus says, “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” (Matthew 6:34 MGS)


Therefore, we don’t regret the experiences or pain we are experiencing in the moment. It is those who allow distress to drive them away from God who end up full of regrets. Distress brings us closer to God, we change our approach (way of thinking) to life, we become more concerned, sensitive, passionate, and responsible and reverent to God. Through these experiences totally unexpected events will unfold; outpouring of love and generosity, people allowing God to use them to help those in need. As God told Joshua, I will be with you, I will not fail nor forsake you; be strong, be courageous for I am with you where-ever you go (Joshua 1: 5-9). So my friends when Storms of Life, Personal or Natural Moves us From Our Comfort Zones be reminded; be strong, be courageous this too shall pass. Be blessed in all you do.


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