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Heavenly Father, we as your children enter into your present this day, seeking your blessings over our weakening and decaying physical bodies.  In the past few years Heavenly Father, we have allowed Satan to enter into our minds and turn our thoughts away from you and our natural state of wellness, which you created in us from the beginning of time.  We along with our children have begun to eat unhealthy, live our lives in an unhealthy manner, and practice unhealthy habits; as consequences the cells in our bodies have begun to break down.  Now our physical bodies are fill with stress, worries and anxieties and this is causing us to suffer with cancers, diabetes, high blood pressures and the list of illness just go on and on.  We realize Heavenly Father that this is not the manner in which you meant for us to age day to day.  We came into the knowledge that Jesus taught us more about health and healing than anything else while He was on earth with us.  Now Father, we have allowed Satan to enter into our minds and still our joy, our peace, our understanding of how we are to live our lives in wellness and prosperity. Heavenly Father, recreate in our minds a new Spirit of Health and Healing.  Help us to turn away from the unhealthy life style that has encroached upon us and caused us to fail and become an obese people lacking with enough energy to get up from our position of weakness and begin the process of training our bodies, and minds for the long run of aging gracefully.  You told us in your word, that we have not, because we ask not.  Today Heavenly Father, we are asking in the name of Jesus, for strength in overcoming our weakness, self-control in our ability to not sub-come to the evil spirits and temptations of the devil to control our thoughts, calmness in our minds not to become over anxious of where we are in our present health condition and where you are going to take us by maintaining our faith and walk with Jesus. We realize Heavenly Father that in order for us to continue our growth process and to live out our natural life on this earth and age gracefully, we must change our old ways of doing things, and begin to study and meditate on the teaching of Health and Healing that your Son Jesus gave to us.  We declare this day Heavenly Father, that we will begin the process of turning our lives and aging conditions around by being obedient to your word, living in complete faith and letting our lives be an example to the world community that by abiding in you and you abiding in us, our lives can and will be lived out in wellness.  In Jesus name, AMEN!

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  1. Wonderful prayer Pastor Davis,I thank God for the Holy Spirit is teaching and helping me to know that through Christ Jesus,I can and will lose this weight and keep it off.Thanks so much for your visits I do appreciate you so much and thanks for these wonderful prayers.
    Love you Pastor 😀


      Thank you for your testimony My Dear Sister. May God continue to bless you.

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