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The Beauty of Fall-Sautee, Ga. (Photo by Pastor Davis)

CHILDREN OF GOD, and all of My Good friends, today I am encouraging you, take to heart what I’m about to tell you; collect my counsels and guard them with your life. Tune your ears to the world of Wisdom; set your heart on a life of Understanding That’s right—if you make Insight your priority, and won’t take no for an answer, Searching for it like a prospector panning for gold, like an adventurer on a treasure hunt, Believe me, before you know it Fear-of-God will be yours; you’ll have come upon the Knowledge of God.

And here’s why: God gives out Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding. He’s a rich mine of Common Sense for those who live well, a personal bodyguard to the candid and sincere. He keeps his eye on all who live honestly, and pays special attention to his loyally committed ones.

So now you can pick out what’s true and fair, find all the good trails. Lady Wisdom will be your close friend, and Brother Knowledge your pleasant companion.  Good Sense will scout ahead for danger; Insight will keep an eye out for you. They’ll keep you from making wrong turns, or following the bad directions.  Of those who are lost themselves and can’t tell a trail from a tumbleweed, These losers who make a game of evil and throw parties to celebrate perversity,
Traveling paths that go nowhere, wandering in a maze of detours and dead ends.

Wise friends will rescue you from the Temptress—that smooth-talking Seductress
who’s faithless to the husband she married years ago, never gave a second thought to her promises before God. Her whole way of life is doomed; every step she takes brings her closer to hell.  No one who joins her company ever comes back, ever sets foot on the path to real living.

So—join the company of good men and women, keep your feet on the tried-and-true paths.  It’s the men who walk straight who will settle this land, the women with integrity who will last there. The corrupt will lose their lives; the dishonest will be gone for good.  (Proverbs 2:1-22 MSG)  It is so important that each of you learn the ART OF LISTENING, that you may discover the truth in MOTHER WISDOM and her many hidden treasures, and in doing so, you will soon know, that the “Fear-of-God will be yours; and you’ll have come upon the Knowledge of God.”


Now in conclusion,  let us understand that under the Law of Moses, men of integrity—the upright and the blameless—were rewarded with a secure place in the land of Canaan.  When we come over to the New Testament, these material blessings in earthly places give way to spiritual blessings in the heavenliest.  But the fact remains that righteousness and decency are rewarded in this life as well as in the life to come.

It is equally true that the wicked will be cut off from the land of blessing.  There is no lasting inheritance there for the treacherous.  Therefore it is the up most important for each of us to practice daily ways in which we can MAKE INSIGHT OUR PRIORITY!


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  1. Thank you for the link to Source of Inspiration. You write with clarity and heart. It is a pleasure to visit here and feel renewed. hugs, pat


      My Dear Sister Pat, I thank you for visiting with us and sharing your thoughts. May God continue to bless you with His peace and grace. Be encouraged in all that you do.

  2. Eugene Peterson has some unique ways of expressing the passages. I love reading the message, especially Proverbs. Thanks


      You are so right. He is awesome in my eye sight. Thank you, and continue to be encouraged with all that you do in building the Kingdom here on this earth. May God’s peace and blessings be yours to enjoy.

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